The Canadian government plans to mandate cross-border truckers to test, quarantine, and vaccinate. This is clearly against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The group Canada Unity plans to protest by shutting down parts of the country. This is possible since truckers are an essential part of the international supply chain, affecting everything from food to consumer goods. Well, affecting everything that is in stores, online, or brick-and-mortar.

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FREEDOM CONVOY 2022. January 22, 2022.

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Canada Unity

Let's Talk Convoy For Freedom. Lots of talk about convoys and should we get UNITY 1 back to Ontario ASAP and lead a Convoy to Ottawa again for a second #BearHug.

I just got off the phone with OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and they have our back just like they have had from day one so we have support from the police.

As you know Team Canada Unity also has the support of Ottawa Police Service - OPS and we could take all the trucks and go park them on Justine Trudeau's front doorstep. Just like we did in December, not once, but 3 times we blocked 24 Sussex.

WE NEEDED 500 SEMIS IN OTTAWA TO DO ROLLING (LEGAL) BLOCKADES AKA GIVING THEM A BEARHUG, Only ONE Semi took the courage pill. Maybe Truckers are now ready to play ball? We Still Can Win the Battle. But as an Organizer, I need solid commitments from Semis ASAP. Comment below if you are a trucker and are willing to provide a rig. LET'S DO THIS!

My Rights don't end where your fear begins. No vaccine mandates.

All MOTORHOMES or Truck and Trailer (with winter tires) are also welcomed. Also, all regular cars, vans, and pick-up trucks are welcome. If you reading this and you are in the West (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan) and want to make History—Be on the Right Side of the Law and "convoy" to Ottawa with UNITY 1. I have the route and the support.

The question is: are you Truckers Enough or Pissed Off enough to come to Ottawa for a weeklong #BearHug. Ottawa event? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP SO I CAN GET OTTAWA PREPPED AND GET ALL LOGISTICS SORTED OUT.

Depart from Calgary, Monday, January 24, 2022. Arrive in Ottawa on Friday the 28th. Perfect Timing to get set up and have Ottawa SHUT DOWN BY MONDAY the 31st PROVIDING WE HAVE AT LEAST 500 RIGS. THOUSANDS WOULD BE BETTER BUT WE CAN DO IT WITH 500!

Light up the comments, tag your buddies, phone them. Do whatever you gotta do to get this conversation front and center.

Do any truckers want to Talk?

James Bauder, President and Founder Canada Unity Convoy for Freedoms

Cell: 403-701-6453


Canada Unity
Your Lawful Freedom Of Choice

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