‌‌Former RCMP Corporal Danny Bulford has a message regarding Canadian Law and unlawful arrests. Mr. Bulford was an RCMP member of 15 years and served the last 8 years as a full-time member in the tactical unit of Trudeau’s security team. He recently resigned from Trudeau's security team citing the orders he had received were tyrannical and refused to carry them out.

Danny Bulford

‌ ‌I know what a lawful arrest looks like. We know of people being arrested for helping to fuel trucks. For what offence is still unclear. Please remain calm. This is a scare tactic to coerce people into submission. They don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

The world is watching and this reflects very poorly on the city of Ottawa and police services. Remain peaceful. The only thing you are required to say if you are arrested is to identify yourself. Every Canadian citizen has the equal right to protection under the law.


Police on Guard for Thee

We are a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members.

Here’s a friendly message to Alberta, Ontario and Canadian law enforcement personnel—to our Peace Officers: You are our friends and neighbours - you swore an oath to the Constitution, and within that, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms— an oath to serve and protect. You are propping up treasonous politicians.

Police Services Act—ONTARIO REGULATION 268/10,  “I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada.”

Police are competent investigators and truth seekers. We are highly trained to think critically. Information drives our business and we rely on data to shape our decision making. Present day Policing included.

We have a responsibility to the people of this country who are depending on us to stand up for those guaranteed rights and freedoms and that responsibility is not taken lightly. We will not back down, that we can promise you.

We will today, and the days to come, continue to Stand on Guard for Thee.

Freedom Convoy 2022

To those of you employed in police services; please honour the law of the land. The Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our Grandparents fought and died standing guard and protecting freedom. Their blood was spilt, they laid down their lives so that we may live free. Please do your duty and honour the rights, freedoms and dignity of the people. It is time to end the out of control tyrannical abuse and corruption of elected representatives and unelected bureaucrats.

Call in sick, or better yet: Uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and stand with the people. Politicians are 100% breaching the highest laws of the land. All political parties in Canada are implicated and have waged economic, psychological, and physical warfare on the citizens of Canada.

You know. We know it. Please take action.

Thank you.

Remember Your Oath.

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