Truckers for Freedom 2022

The latest count is the Freedom Convoy is 73 kilometres long, about 10 tens the record for the longest truck convoy.

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I would like to talk to you about something. Please read this in full, you may find it enlightening.

A bit about me, I am Canadian. I am a wife and mother.  I am a lawyer who owns a small business in Ontario. I am smart, driven, hard working, compassionate to others, friendly, open minded, and strong. I am certain that all of these qualities you would like to see in your children.

Here is what I am not. I am not a member of a "fringe minority" and my views are not "unacceptable" despite the words you have used. In fact, what I witnessed today is that I am one of millions of Canadians who are standing together to say something peacefully and loudly. Just because you don't agree with the message, does not mean you should not listen.

Let me be clear, you are allowed to disagree with me (that is fundamental to democracy and freedom). You are not allowed to name-call, and label my views as unacceptable just because my views are not yours.

In Canada we are blessed to have the freedom to choose so many things: where we live, what we do for work, who we love, where and whether or not we pray or worship...but also whether or not we should have a medical procedure.

Please, don't forget the last one.


Melissa Bowen

They said it wouldn't happen
They said it couldn't happen
That it could never be done
And those who scoffed and denied,
sat upon parliament hill and lied.

And they lined their greedy little pockets
While billionaires rode penis shaped rockets
And the people wept in silent scorn
For the freedom they were forced to mourn
And those upon the hill took measures
To further pillage the people's treasures
To condemn and humiliate the working man
To break their spirits as nobody else can
...but some don't bend

There's hardened steel, that drives some folks
That causes a fire when the bear gets poked
And suddenly in the west, east, north and the south
Came a trembling that could bring down "the House"
A rumble began and the ground began to shake
And the Hill became weak from the noise it did make
A flurry of snow and wind in the air
And the people took notice of those who'd still care
And all at once the voices were heard

From the bellows of horns so many it seemed absurd
And the heavens shook
And the ground it did quake
And Justin would know he'd made a mistake
18 upon 18 times a hundred or more
The truckers arrived to settle the score
And all at once in unison the horns roared
And Ottowa was shaken to its very core
...and their steel never bent
Dale Crook 2022—in support of our truckers.
USA truckers are supporting the Canadian Freedom Convoy.
According to Guinness World Records, the longest truck convoy ever recorded was 7.5 km long, in Egypt in 2020. The Freedom Convoy heading from British Columbia to Ottawa is said to be considerably longer. “It’s 70 km long,” said Benjamin Dichter, spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022. “I have seen footage from an airplane. It’s impressive.”
JT is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
26 January 2022
High River, Alberta, Canada. 26 January 2022. 
26 January 2022.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 is welcomed with fireworks.
Newfoundland support for the Freedom Convoy. 26 Janaury 2022
Manitoba, Canada. 26 January 2022
They are coming for Trudeau from the North, South, East, and West. 
They are arriving in Ontario from all parts of Canada.
58.7K in one direction! Over 100k expected by January 29 surrounding Ottawa.
27 January 2022. Day 1. They are coming for you Mr. Trudeau. And the truckers haven't arrived, yet.