"They are a small fringe minority with unacceptable views." —Justin Trudeau, January 2022.

"Your dad put us in shit and now you are drowning us in it." —Quebecor to Justin Trudeau

The calm before the storm.

Justyn Luke Kendze

Hello everyone,

We arrived in Thunder Bay today. I am struggling to find the words to express the momentum of this convoy. The convoy is over 100 kilometres long and growing all the time. The support that people have is overwhelming. Arriving in Winnipeg yesterday was quite emotional, our communication radios became quite silent because no one could find words to express what we were feeling. There were people crowded on both sides of the streets. Parked cars and people for miles and miles around the city.

The horns never stopped honking! On the four lanes coming out of Winnipeg. We thought it was downtime, but we ended up driving 5-20 km/h for hours and hours. People had campfires in the ditches, fireworks, a sprayer with booms with a sign with a "big thank you" on the booms. Truck cranes with booms raised with signs, flashing lights, and flags. The shoulders of the four-lane highway crowded with people and cars. Overpasses crowded with people. Tons of families of little kids all bundled up. Everyone jumping, dancing, waving signs, flags, and flashlights. All in -30. Seeing how happy the kids are, their smiles sometimes make you a little emotional. This is how Canada is supposed to be. This morning, on the way to Ontario, the support is incredible.

Back alleys, intersections, small towns, the same things happen. Constantly speeding up and slowing down for groups of people. I feel like I'm cheating with adaptive cruising 😉. When we arrived in Thunder Bay, they had cleared a large area of snow. Tents set up, big fires, and an insane amount of food. Beef on bread, spaghetti, sandwiches, coffee, donuts, and so on. They brought pallets of windshield washer fluid for everyone.

Very "Humbling" how nice everyone is. That's what it feels like to be free. I felt normal for once, not alone like the last two years. Thank you for all the support it's really appreciated! THANK YOU!

31 March 2020. He was so gracious then. 
Will antifa start trouble and truckers for freedom get blamed?