"I admire China's basic dictatorship. It gets things done." —Justin Trudeau

Truckers from all over Canada descend on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario. A drama teacher who took campaign money from the drug companies and causing drama for the entire nation. Nobody gives you tens of millions for free.

The truckers are the voices for those groups.
The streets of Ottawa are jammed with truckers for freedom. And so it begins...
Ottawa is ablaze with the Freedom Convoy
The mainstream media and police aren't being honest with the size of the Freedom Convoy. It can be seen from outer space.
Antifa may be placed in Freedom Convoy to incite violence.
In the dawn's early light, the Freedom Convoy surrounds Paliament Hill.

"Small fringe minority with unacceptable views" is going down as the stupidest statement out of an imbecile politician's mouth in Canadian history.