“These vaccines are poisons. They are not real vaccines. The mRNA allows its message to be transcribed throughout the body, uncontrollably. No one can say for each of us where these messages will go. This is therefore a terrible unknown. And in fact, we are now learning that this is a work published over a year ago that these mRNAs contain an area that we can call prion, which is an area capable of introducing protein modifications in an unpredictable way. As a doctor I knew 21 people who received 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, there is another person who received Moderna. The 21 died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease caused by prions. The 3 vaccines Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna contain a sequence identified by Information Technology as transformation into a prion. There is, therefore, a known risk to human health.” —Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Laureate for Medicine. January 12, 2022, speech to the Luxembourg Parliament. Dr. Montagnier passed away on February 8, 2022.

Heather Tripp

The Freedom Convoys are not just for the truckers' vaccine mandates. They are fighting for everyone's medical freedom. Who is the freedom movement for?

  • It’s for the family members banned from visiting family in nursing homes.
  • It’s for the censorship on all social media platforms.
  • It’s for all the people afraid to speak in fear of being called conspiracy theorists.
  • It’s for the people who didn’t want to give up their freedom of choice!
  • It’s for the people who don’t want to give up their right to bear arms.
  • It’s for the people who don’t want to be in debt for the next 100 years.
  • It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered.
  • It’s for the people afraid to hug their family and visit friends.
  • It’s for the people who want their lives back.
  • For the hairdressers to cut hair.
  • For the restaurants to serve food.
  • For the bars to play music.
  • For the students to learn.
  • For the kids to be free.
  • For people who want to work but are forced not to.

The freedom truckers are for The People

Medical Freedom for Everyone

This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens. Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated.

  • This is for the 300,000 surgeries canceled.
  • This is for the people that died waiting for their surgery.
  • This is for the people who died alone in the hospital without being able to hold the hands of their loved ones.
  • This is for the exhausted nurses, teachers, parents, etc.
  • This is for the doctors that are going unheard.
  • This is for all the front line workers, delivery trucks, grocery store clerks, PSWs who are constantly working overtime etc.

This is for all of us

👌 If you do not support the truckers, IT’S OKAY, because if mandates get lifted I would like to remind you:

  • you can still stay home,
  • no one will rip the mask off your face,
  • no one will force you to dine in at a restaurant,
  • you can drop your children off at their leisure activity and wait in your car,
  • you can still say no to family gatherings and events,
  • you can live within your 4 walls and NO ONE will stop you.

We will not judge you for your choice. We will just be glad you have one. That is the point of FREEDOM of choice! While you're comfortable where you are we are also comfortable moving on with our lives.


A member of the small fringe minority with unacceptable views 👌🏼
You stay safe. I will stay free! 👊🏼🇺🇸

Mothers of vaccine injured children are a force to be reckoned with. Farmers, truckers, and mothers are the foundation of society.


Do you realize that when freedom is restored, the people who continue to beg for more mandates and restrictions can still:

1) Take annual booster shots.
2) Wear two masks, three, or four.
3) Isolate away from friends & family.
4) Work & live life from the safety of their home or phone.
5) Test themselves with flawed testing methods for a sniffle in the winter.
6) Take your mask off in a restaurant after dropping two feet to your seat, in the same air as everyone else.

It's your choice!
Don't be mad about mine.

Kay Francis

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