“When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus.” —Turkish proverb

Justin Trudeau, directly or indirectly, accepted millions from the drug companies, healthcare industry, and globalist billionaires when he ran for Prime Minister of Canada. He did the same when he won the second term. He is now indebted to them and has no way out. He is their puppet and toy. He does what they tell him or the truth about him will be broadcasted on every news channel. No one gives you tens of millions for free. It's sad, but he's reduced to a lowly sales rep for the drug companies that own him.

Trudeau said the Freedom Convoy was about white supremacy, anti-vaxxers, and other minorities with unaccepted views. He said they toppled historical monuments and were troublemakers. The Ontario Police said the protests were peaceful and 0 (zero) arrests have been made...Trudeau digging his heels in, inciting anger trying to divide us again, slandering and shaming the protesters...The latest Angus-Reid poll says 54% of all Canadians want ALL COVID restrictions and mandates removed!
31 January 2022. Trudeau doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. 
Here's an example of the "small fringe minority with unacceptable views", you Trudeau crook.
Trudeau said the Freedom Truckers were stealing food from the homeless. However, volunteers brought in enough food to feed the truckers and the homeless. At this point, let's call Trudeau what he has become: Human garbage. He is indebted to the drug companies and globalist billionaires that financed his campaigns. He is in too deep.
Violent protestors cleaning up the Terry Fox statue.
Freedom Fighters praying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Ontario police were also bringing food to feed the Truckers for Freedom.

Trudeau’s plethora of LIES is no longer shareable. So far, he’s gained mostly angry, laughing, and incredulous emojis and comments.

He has a small fringe of sycophants and paid followers but most of the comments are calling out his bald-faced LIES. I suspect the comments will be disabled shortly.

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Trudeau ordered more vaccines than any other country in the world. Wakey wakey. He gets a kickback from every single one not only in Canada but globally. Raid his personal bank accounts and watch what you find.
1 February 2022. This is what human garbage sounds like.

“You’ve heard about the Liberal bias in the media these days—how the media is constantly letting our government off the hook for no good reason. Frankly, I think that’s insulting. It’s clear that they let us off the hook for a good reason: We paid them $600 million. You don’t get stellar headlines like these without greasing the wheels a bit.” —Justin Trudeau

2 February 2022. The 12 Grandmothers of Turtle Island are now in Ottawa.
No freedom fighter? He was selected to be Camada's Prime Minister for his acting skills.