“All tyrants rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” —George Orwell

You better end up in jail
but against your own people go,
Everyone will be calmer then
Justice will eventually come to all.

If you don't understand what awaits you
There is no cure for dictators,
History has shown it

Evil does not remain unpunished.

Don't be fooled at all
all evil has failed,
don't rely on your authority
her sweetness will disappear.
Every innocent and persecuted
You will be the judge in the end,
were not men of God left behind
In vain you will hide your face under a mask.

Understand yourself while there's still time
All bad seeds will be eradicated,
where will you be in the end
everyone will leave you in the dark
The best for all of them
step down right now,
all the actions are revealed

Freedom belongs to the nation.

Don't think there is no Justice
voice of warning comes from here,
evil does not make it any greater
it's not the way for your children to happiness.

Author@Vlado Visković