“If a leader needs mandates to force people into complying with the ‘science’, then either the science is fake or the leader is fake.” —Dr. Eli David, PhD

Many of us have side hustles in this gig economy. Companies have side hustles, too. A side hustle is work you do "on the side" of your regular job to earn additional income. By imposing voluntary vaccine mandates, some companies are acting as vaccine distributors or resellers for the drug companies and receive financial incentives for each employee vaccinated. In sports, the event receives income from advertising, and drug companies are the largest advertisers on TV. Always follow the money trail!

The more they lockdown
The more my heart opens
The more they say “You cannot”
The more I say “I Am and I will”
The more fear they bring
The more I will trust
The more they say “trust us”
The more I will trust on my intuition and the divine
The darker they try to make it
The brighter my light shines
The more they try to divide
The more I will stay connected
The more rules they impose
The more sovereign I will be
The more they try to tame me
The wilder I get
The more they threaten
The fiercer my roar
The more they say “bow to me”
The stronger I stand.
I bow only to love.
I am as free as a bird.
~Dankjewel Rosanna Devi

The pandemic that makes little sense

The covid-19 narrative falls apart when people start asking questions and using common sense.

It's an INVISIBLE virus. You can't prove anything because you need an electron microscope to see it. You don't have an electron microscope. It's invisible, so trust the science.

It's a DEADLY virus. So deadly you don't know you have it unless you get tested. So deadly that the pandemic is measured in cases.

It's VIRULENT. So virulent that despite thousands of mutations, strains, and variants, it always manifests in the same symptoms:  cold and flu symptoms. Cold and flu symptoms happen to be the most common ailments.

The virus is EVERYWHERE, that's why you see people wearing masks everywhere to protect themselves. It's so everywhere that nearly all deaths are in hospitals.

It's a global pandemic. So GLOBAL that all doctors and scientists on TV agree. If any doctor or scientist doesn't agree, they don't get to be on TV.

The virus is DEVASTATING lives and businesses. So devastating that the medical industry is making hundreds of billions from revenue and stock price increases. Then they take those billions and reinvest them into media advertising and political donations. The media and politicians parrot to the people that cases are going up, there's a new variant, and everyone needs vaccines.

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9 January 2022
12 January 2020. She didn't quit, but was fired.
The vaccine companies have liability waivers in their contracts. Why should I trust their products when they clearly don't.
Choose a side. Without the freedom to choose what goes into your body, there is no freedom.