"Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health. Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts." —British Medical Journal Editorial Board;  December 20, 2020

Throughout history, people didn't do things for conspiracy reasons—they did it to gain wealth! Human greed is a constant in human evolution. In one year, Moderna's stock price shot from $ 65 to $ 497. Is this a conspiracy? No. It's people making money from other people. Although, with covid-19 there are elements of conspiracies at play when examined further.

Conspiracy: An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
Moderna's stock price shot from $ 65 to $ 497 in one year, but retreated to $ 332. Moderna, along with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac, Novavax, AstraZeneca make covid-19 vaccines. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a large shareholder in Moderna. Could this be the reason Bill "Pandemic Prophet" Gates was a fixture on national TV when the "pandemic" kicked off in January 2020?
"The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a criminal enterprise disguised as a charity. Their goal is to use intellectual property law and real or imagined panics to create a global monopoly on vaccines in order to institutionalize themselves as the technocratic rulers of the planet." —Dr. Toby Rogers, PhD, MPP

Big Pharma has a market value of $ 2.4 trillion

As of October 2021, the ten largest drug companies, including vaccine-maker Moderna, have a collective stock market valuation of $2.4 trillion. Think how much money they can throw to the mainstream media and politicians, and get them to regurgitate, "Cases are up, there's a new variant, vaccines are safe and effective, get vaccinated, please get those boosters, it's for public health and safety." 

Politicians receive political donations for mandating masks, tests, and vaccines

When politicians run for office, they need massive money, depending if they're running for local, state, or national office. Who gives them this money?

Allen Jones, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG):

"Drug companies write checks to politicians–they write checks to politicians on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE…As an OIG Investigator, I attempted to expose evidence of major pharmaceutical company wrongdoing. The industry was influencing state officials with trips, perks, lavish meals, transportation to and first-class accommodations in major cities. Some state employees were paid honorariums of up to $2,000 for speaking in their official capacities at drug-company sponsored events...the drug industry methodically compromised the decision making of elected and appointed public officials to gain access to captive populations of mentally ill individuals in prisons and state mental health hospitals...The pharmaceutical industry bypassed governmental safeguards and medical review by creating and marketing TMAP as a “treatment model” that was instituted in various states as an administrative decision by a select few politically appointed officials." —Allen Jones, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG)
"The premier of Australia's biggest state economy New South Wales (NSW), Gladys Berejiklian, resigned on Friday after a corruption watchdog said it was investigating whether she was involved in conduct that "constituted or involved a breach of public trust". —Reuters, Oct. 1, 2021
Former Australia NSW (New South Wales) Premiere Gladys Berejiklian and her staff allegedly accepted $65 million from Pfizer and AstraZeneca to push vaccine mandates.

What did former premier Ms. Berejiklian do? She and her staff were accused of taking $65 million from drug companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca to push vaccine mandates. This was a blatant case. However, corruption is often disguised. As examples, family members receiving "consulting" fees from the drug companies, politicians are offered cushy "consulting" jobs after they leave office or million dollar book deals.

"I just say whatever they write down for me." —Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Director, Communicable Disease Control & Associate Medical Officer of Health for Toronto Public Health

Mainstream media indirectly receives money for pushing masks, tests, and vaccines

Airtime costs money. Airtime comes in the form of advertising, marketing, and product placement on TV and movies. Who is the biggest advertiser on mainstream media? The drug companies. In the US alone, the advertising and marketing budget is U$ 4.8 billion. It is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry's worldwide advertising and marketing budget is over U$ 15 billion, including kickbacks and bribes to doctors. Nowadays, medical doctors are merely clerks for drug companies.

Pfizer alone has 22 (twenty-two) lobbying firms influencing politicians in Washington, D.C. There are two lobbyists to every one Member of Congress. A safe and effective product doesn't need to be forced or coerced on anyone. Nor does it need immunity from lawsuits.

"Money is involved in everything. You read something a doctor writes, you look and see if any company is paying this doctor. You hear something a politician says, you ask: who’s donating to their campaign? You read something in the newspaper, you ask yourself: who’s putting advertisement in the newspaper? Why? Because people generally don’t bite the hand that feeds them." —Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH

FOLLOW THE MONEY. Billions in temperature readers, hand sanitizers, gloves, ventilators, masks, designer masks, face shields, surface cleaners, tests and re-tests, one vaccine, two vaccines, three vaccines, bribes, kickbacks...

Blame everything on the invisible enemy

Everything is blamed on an invisible enemy from far-off lands.

  • Sars-Cov-2 from China ( January 2020 )
  • Delta variant from India ( December 2020 )
  • Omicron variant from Africa ( November 2021 )

Yet Anglo-American drug companies are making hundreds of billions through revenue and stock price increases. This only makes sense if you understand history.

Schools receive bonuses for enforcing mask mandates

Money. Follow the money. It will lead you to the truth. Listen to this parent in the video: "Schools are masking our children because they are being paid". One school district was receiving roughly $5 million a year enforcing mask mandates.

FDA Corruption Way Worse Than You Think

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a regulatory captured agency, owned by the pharmaceutical industry. The Jimmy Dore Show, YouTube


Sean Harvey: I feel safer with a drug sold by a guy standing on a corner at midnight than I do with a Big Pharma drug.

A Baker: This is a huge problem in education as well. Federal grants are targeted by specialists.

Stephen Eee: It's no worse than I think. I was in Pharm Club(yes, it was a thing) when I was in school. We went over this and how much money the pharmaceutical reps make and how sleazy that job is.

Bolo: This has been going on in many industries for decades.

Alpha State: If people still don’t see the problem with Big Pharma & FDA relationship, as many of us have for a while—God help them.

Karen Burns: I met with the FDA on many occasions. I’m a Mercury poisoned Dental Assistant, I testified about my condition with another dental assistant in 2006. The FDA Agreed that they needed to look further into Dentistry and Mercury...still waiting.

Sammy Sam: Business as usual. It's our responsibility to hold these people accountable because we all know the Congressional Crime Family sure won't.