Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn was a board-certified pediatrician for over 30 years. During his practice, he learned that medical doctors were merely taking orders from the drug companies. His most popular books were:

  • Confessions of a Medical Heretic
  • How to Have a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
  • MalE Practice: How Doctors Manipulate Women

Stephanie Lind

Dr. Mendelsohn wrote Confessions Of a Medical Heretic in 1979. He predicted the AMA would kill him and they did when he was hospitalized for a simple fracture.

Listen to him from 1979 (also wrote How To Have a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor) We need to recycle this amazing man. All of these quotes are decades old. When I read Confessions in the early 1990s I left what he called The Church of Modern Medicine and began my naturopathic journey.

I hope these quotes are encouraging, that we are not newcomers to this battle. Two kinds of doctors, Mendelsohn was an MD (medical doctor) but we have far too many Medical Deities.

Quotes by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn

“Medicine today has become a religion and the doctors are the priests of that religion, very powerful priests...they can tell you to" (insert command here) "and you usually do it.”

“The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization…..There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease.”

“Despite the tendency of doctors to call modern medicine an ‘inexact science’, it is more accurate to say there is practically no science in modern medicine at all. Almost everything doctors do is based on a conjecture, a guess, a clinical impression, a whim, a hope, a wish, an opinion or a belief. In short, everything they do is based on anything but solid scientific evidence. Thus, medicine is not a science at all, but a belief system. Beliefs are held by every religion, including the Religion of Modern Medicine.”

“Today your child has about as much chance of contracting diphtheria as he does of being bitten by a cobra.”

“You never hear about the dangers of a drug unless another drug to replace it is available.”

“Modern Medicine would rather you die using its remedies than live by using what physicians call quackery."

“With the polio vaccine, we are witnessing a rerun of the medical reluctance to abandon the smallpox vaccination, which remained as the only source of smallpox-related deaths for three decades after the disease had disappeared. Think of it! For thirty years kids died from smallpox vaccinations even though no longer threatened by the disease.”

“Being a skeptical soul, I have always believed that the most reliable way to determine what people really believe is to observe what they do, not what they say. If the greatest threat of rubella is not to children, but to the fetus yet unborn, pregnant women should be protected against rubella by making certain that their obstetricians won’t give them the disease. Yet, in a California survey reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 90 percent of the obstetrician-gynecologists refused to be vaccinated. If doctors themselves are afraid of the vaccine, why on earth should the law require that you and other parents allow them to administer it to your kids?”

“There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindications that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child….There is growing suspicion that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced. These are fearful diseases such as cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus erythematosus, and the Guillain-Barre syndrome.”

'Did you know that the whooping cough germ, Bacillus pertussis, when injected into animals, has long been known to lead to the secretion of insulin? In 1979, at the Fourth International Symposium on Pertussis, held in Bethesda, Maryland, it was shown that this same result occurs in those who have received pertussis vaccine. In their publication, “Adverse Reactions after Pertussis Vaccination,” Drs. W. Hennessen and U. Quast suggest, “It seemed of interest to examine these reactions in comparison with the hypoglycemia syndrome...There was a close relation between the two.’ If your child has juvenile diabetes (a disease characterized by wide swings in blood sugar levels), ask your doctor if he has ever heard of this effect of whooping cough vaccine. Maybe it’s time to investigate whether the pertussis vaccine has anything to do with the rapidly rising number of people with juvenile diabetes, adult diabetes, and hypoglycemic all disorders of insulin metabolism.'


After his death in 1988 ( 1926 - 1988 ), the Senate of the State of Illinois passed a resolution recognizing Dr. Mendelsohn's achievements and extending sympathy to his family. The family also received many personal tribute letters and condolences. Obituaries appeared in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and many other newspapers and journals.