“Do NOT take any vaccinations. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections.” —Dr. William D. Kelly, DDS, MS

According to the mainstream media (fakenews), AIDS was the result of monkey-to-human transmission. That is, someone had sex with a monkey in Africa. In January 2020, we were told by the same fakenews that covid-19 was the result of someone in China eating bat soup. Homo sapiens have been around for over 200 000 years. If animal-to-human transmission were possible, it would had occurred thousands of years ago, not in 1977 or 2020.

Each "pandemic" was accompanied by a massive vaccine push. You see, diseases can only be cured by drugs and vaccines made by the most corrupt industry on the planet: the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma has been fined over $35 billion, mostly for fraud, from 2008 - 2022.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that supposedly causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), just like the Sars-2-Cov virus that supposedly causes the covid-19 disease (same symptoms as the common cold and flu). After 40 years, the HIV virus decides it's a good time to "mutate" into a super strain. The timing is perfect.

Tara Y. Potter

In 1977, I believe it was, I, Tara Y. Potter, was sent by the US military to Uganda. We were told to distribute a new vaccine that had never been tested in humans. Our superiors hemmed and hawed about what it was supposed to prevent. We were told to vaccinate a small number of people then wait a few days and vaccinate everyone else. In good faith, believing the vaccine to be safe, we vaccinated ourselves, about 30 people.

Then 4 days later we began vaccinating about 2000 Ugandans. 18 months later, back in the states, we got word that 85% of the people we vaccinated were dying of a brand new disease soon to be called AIDS. We were told that the vaccine had been accidentally contaminated in the lab. I believed that surely my USA government could never deliberately be involved in anything so heinous and so, in the early 1980s I testified before Congress to that effect, that it had been a horrible horrible accident.

All the members of our party got sick and all recovered and later converted to serum negative except 2—patients D and a young black man. They both died of it. Then in 1992, I believe it was, I was working in a bioweapons lab, doing menial tasks. We were told the Chinese and the Russians already had formidable bioweapons and that the reason we had deadly bioagents was to develop vaccines against these foreign weapons. I believe it was the same year I saw unredacted classified documents from the late 1950s which stated the US was working on bioweapons that would kill people of color and specifically people of African descent and be far more deadly to them than to Caucasians. These would act by disabling the person's immune system and they were to be distributed by the vaccine.

In the early 1990s, the US admitted to killing 100 000 to 150 000 Africans with HIV-contaminated vaccines. Very recently, the US admitted it was still distributing HIV-contaminated vaccines in Africa as late as 1992. I have spoken to authorities in Africa who put the death toll from AIDS at 100 000 000 to 150 000 000, NOT the thousands that were reported by my government.

I've known Bill Gates since we were teenagers. He is a eugenicist from a long line of eugenicists. Anthony Fauci had financial ties to both the lab in Wuhan that I believe created the Coronavirus and he owns stock in one of the companies creating the vaccine. Follow the money trail. Daddy George Bush Sr. was a dyed-in-the-wool eugenicist and the former head of the CIA.

I have survived many attempts to kill or discredit me. By the Grace of God, I will survive many more. Something terrible is afoot people! Worse than it appears. These people are genocidal maniacs who need to be tried for crimes against Humanity!

Covid-19 vaccines contain HIV virus that causes AIDS

“They have AIDS. But it’s not HIV-induced AIDS. HIV damages your killer T cells and weakens your immune system. So, that syndrome is called AIDS. But there are other things that damage your immune system. By taking a covid shot that damages your natural killer T cells, damages your tumor suppressor genes, what’s happening is your innate immune system is getting shot." —Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD

Pharmaceutical companies have a history of deliberately contaminating their drugs and vaccines with diseases to create lifelong customers.

It's about time we stood up to the corruption of those using us for personal gains.
After 40 years, the HIV virus decides it's a good time to "mutate" into a super strain. The timing is perfect.
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No, it wasn't an accident. Bayer knew what it was doing. It also sells AIDS drugs.
How do "accidents" like these happen? A polio vaccine is contaminated with a monkey (simian) cancer virus and injected into 98 million Americans. The drug companies sell vaccines and cancer treatments. They also pay billions to the mainstream media for advertising, such as The Atlantic. As you can see, The Atlantic is attempting to excuse away the criminal deeds of the hand that feeds them.
February 2, 2022.
Destroying the immune system can lead to over 24 autoimmune diseases in a person.
After 40 years, the HIV virus decided to mutate. The conspiracy theorists have been warning people that the covid-19 vaccines contain the HIV virus.
Tell anyone who got the covid-19 vaccine to periodically get a CD57 test. The only illnesses that cause a low result on it are AIDS and Lyme. A low count on the test indicates an immune deficiency. 
Did these 100 AIDS researchers know something? 

Elio Libre: It was in Science magazine in 2015 that they'd made a vaccine with HIV in it. It was announced in the news in 2020 that they were putting HIV in the covid-19 vaccines. Now it is in the news that those who did the right thing are getting HIV and AIDS in record numbers. This includes kids whose parents made them "do the right thing". It is also in the news that they are going to human trials with HIV vaccines using the same technology that was in the original vaccines.

HIV/AIDS is the next product/disease from Big Pharma. Early screening is "patient recruitment". Awareness is misdirection/recruiting. 
The first vaccine created heart attacks. The second vaccine is to fight heart attacks. It's a common business model for drug companies: create the problem, create the solution.
Dr. Luck Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV, passed away on February 8, 2022. He was 89 years old. Dr. Montagnier won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008. 
October 20, 2020. Yes, October 20, 2020. 
February 9, 2022.