This was a gem and provided me with a different perspective on health. Thought I'd share it with you peeps. Enjoy.

Ivanna Koshelya

At the root of all disease is the destruction of energy. Energy, or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin and from what we think and feel. These are the six ways we either make ourselves healthy and vital or sick and weak.

All conditions do not have emotional/astral origins. This explains why the results of an energy healing may not last for more than a few weeks or may not work at all for some people.

In the same way, all conditions do not have physical root causes, which is why changing the diet may not be able to fully correct or eliminate all the symptoms for some people.

We must identify ALL of the origins and causes of our problem(s), symptoms, "afflictions," diseases, addictions, conditions, physical "defects," etc., before we seek the help of anyone, any group, any protocol, any "medicine", etc., to find the most effective way to truly heal."

Mariah Mazza

When your body is showing symptoms that warrant a "dis-ease" label, realize that your disease has been building up within 10-40 years. It didn't just happen overnight. You did not catch it somewhere (unless you inherited an extremely toxic, compromised lymphatic system from your ancestors along with your inherent genetic weaknesses upon conception). Once it reaches systemic acidosis (head to toe) the body cannot deal with the waste any longer. When the kidneys and the adrenals are compromised (and almost everyone's are), your body gives that final warning. Almost all dis-ease has the same (physical) root cause—years of wrong fuel for the body.

Conny Missy Alder

Diseases don't really exist (Symptoms do). They are not separate entities. They are labels assigned to a set of symptoms to legally treat with toxic chemical drugs and other often harmful and deadly treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. You can't cure when you treat symptoms because you are not addressing the causes.

Deep tissue detoxification has proven that ALL DISEASE is SYSTEMIC. You will experience this truth for yourself as you clean out your body's lymphatic system.

OVER-ACIDITY (from the foods that leave acidic ash after digestion such as cooked dead animal flesh, dairy, grains, processed foods, coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.), TOXICITY (from the chemicals in our food, petroleum products, environmental pollution, chemtrails, off-gassing from our carpets, bedding & furniture, household cleaning products, chemical air 'fresheners', everything we put on our skin, chemical medications, etc., etc.) and INHERENT GENETIC WEAKNESSES are the (physical) root causes of our dis-eases and conditions.

All physical conditions stem from the same root causes: the body's imbalance and a very acidic environment with a stagnant, backed-up lymphatic system and non-filtering kidneys and clogged bowels.