Cysts, nodules, tumors, and all other masses form when there is a blockage within the body's main channels of elimination!

Lymph nodes are dispersed throughout our entire body that are connected to our Lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is the primary sewer system of the body, meaning it is responsible for carrying out all of the acidic cellular wastes (that all the cells produce) to the kidneys to be eliminated out of the body.

This is why urine should be slightly acidic and cloudy - evidence that the body is functioning properly and getting rid of cellular wastes and toxicity. Alkaline and clear urine means that the body's Lymphatic system is obstructed and as a result tumors, cysts, nodules and cancer can form.

The lymph nodes are important in this process as they contain healthy bacteria and macrophages that break down all acidic wastes. So that by the time these wastes get to the kidneys, it is less acidic and will not burn kidney tissue! Those that experience burning when urinating have congested lymph nodes that are not performing this step of buffering acids.

When too much cellular wastes build up in the body - all areas including the lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and the kidneys become overwhelmed!

As acidic wastes build up, fluids and tissues within the body begin to harden. This is the effect of acidic chemistry. Acids burn! An example of this is when you cook something at a high temperature on the stove or in the oven! Notice how it starts to get harder and harder, as heat hardens this organic matter! Heat and high temperatures are on the ACID SIDE of chemistry, which cause this hardening.

The same thing happens within the body when acidic wastes are not eliminated fully or properly. The tissues of the body, which are supposed to be soft and supple, begin to harden and agglomerate. This is what cysts, nodules, and tumors are: hardened, agglomerated, acidic fluids and tissues that have formed into a mass because the channels of elimination are too backed up and closed off to remove them.

In extreme cases, sometimes these hardened tissues (tumors, cysts, nodules) are removed through surgery. ⁠

However, if the root cause is not addressed, these cysts and tumors will always return, even within a matter of weeks! ⁠I have seen this happen time and time again in my years as a detox specialist guiding people in detoxing their tumors, cysts, and cancer out of the body.

Having seen many people not take the detox route in my years as a healer, trust me—you do not want to waste any time when it comes to dealing with acidic and corrosive chemistry that should have been out of your body a long time ago! Acids left alone will continue to break tissue down and rob the body of oxygenation, nutrition, and vitality.

The solution will always be to ALKALIZE the acidic tissue and body, even if one removes their tumors or cysts through surgery!

To alkalize means to hydrate the tissues and break up the hardened masses. The only true way to alkalize the body is to ensure that all channels of elimination are opened up to eliminate these wastes, and that the proper hydrating, alkaline, and astringent diet is incorporated in order to achieve the elimination of these wastes.

Most people that find themselves in a chronic situation such as having a tumor, or cysts, or cancer have several chronic and genetic weaknesses in the body that absolutely must be supported with specific healing herbs in order to heal. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced detox specialist.

As a detox specialist and iridologist, I look at each client's symptoms, their eyes through iridology, their health history, and genetic family history to see what specific organ and gland weaknesses are causing them their health issues.  I piece all these puzzle pieces together to create the perfect diet plan and herbal protocol to heal tumors, fibroids, cysts, nodules, and cancer out of the body! With over 15 years of working with clients I can confidently say that my detoxification protocols have the highest success rate of all healing modalities on the planet when it comes to healing disease.

I recommend The Master Your Health Package or The VIP Support Package if you are dealing with cysts, tumors, fibroids, nodules or cancer. These packages bring everything you need to get started on the most powerful protocol for you to finally heal!

Dr. Ailin Duran, D.S.