How to get rid of parasites, worms, sulfur and candida, and the like!

The first thing you must understand is how this terrain environment accumulates in the body. Humans don’t take care of the planet and humans have turned away from a natural diet of fruit to a diet of processed foods and dead animals they call food.


Parasites love cooked fats, Strachey foods, processed sugar, and any chemistry that is acidic to the body. Stop eating these starchy foods that are hard to metabolize and end up fermenting in the body giving parasites fuel, and start eating raw living foods that alkalize the body and starve them out. All raw foods are anti-parasitic and fruits are astringent which pulls unwanted microbes out of the body. If you want to get rid of parasites it’s vital to remove foods like grains, beans, processed sugars, starchy tubers like potatoes, eggs, dairy, and flesh of all kinds. Parasites hate herbs like wormwood, Pau d’Arco Bark, Usnea Lichen.


You want to stop eating dead animals and especially raw if you want to avoid accumulating worms in the body. If your body is full of acids and mucus and your are eating putrefactive meat then your going to fuel these worms and end up dealing with uric acid loads due to their waste, and end up craving processed meat and continue to acidify the body! You want to alkalize not acidify! Meat dehydrates the body and damages tissue systemically such as your joints, kidneys, and colon. Herbs that have the power to kill the big boy worms are American Wormseed, Cats Claw Bark, Clove Bud.


These synthetic sulfates are found in pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics, chemical hygiene products, supplements, packaged processed foods. None organic spices etc. these sticky glue-like residues accumulate in the body and harden the body creating a joint issue, malabsorption in the small intestine, break down organs and glands, causing gas and bloat, and digestion issues and fuel fungus in the body. Sulfur is like super glue and can smell like burnt rubber or rotten eggs.

When the body pulls out sulfur you will notice orange bowel movements, orange urine, and your skin will itch and smell like it when the body pulls it out. The best way to pull out sulfur is to focus on astringent fruit juice and herbal formulas I know that work with pulling sulfur out of the body is the gi broom and parasite m, and the lymphatic formulas from the herbal health club. To pull out sulfur you must be disciplined with a fruit diet based around astringent fruits like grapes, citrus, and watermelon and herbs that are astringent.

You can’t overburden your body with heavy foods that are hard to digest and focus on taking breaks on fruit juice, use the herb I suggested, and do a daily lemon enema. That’s squeezing lemons and adding the juice to your enema with distilled water added. Sulfur is acidic and you don’t want this glue in your body! You also don’t want to take substances like antibiotic drugs that cause heavy loads of this sticky substance that accumulate in the body. If you have sulfates in the body then you want to avoid even natural sulfur in the veggies and foods like garlic and onions, because these foods will cause bloat, gas, and discomfort. This is normal for anyone but even more, for someone loaded with synthetic sulfates in the body.

Look at your iris and if you have orange or yellow around the pupil and your eyes appear to be β€œhazel” then you're most likely loaded with sulfur you inherited from your mom or from the drugs and products and processed foods I mentioned above.


Everyone thinks all their problems are related to candida lol! Yes, humans are full of fungus because of the terrain in the body, and the processed and starchy food they eat, and the fermented foods like cheese, milk, yogurt, probiotics, and fermented veggies, drinks, and the like. If you're loaded with candida then you're going to crave these foods. Candida loves processed sugars and complex sugars. Candida doesn’t feed on (SUGAR) found in raw alkaline foods like fruits.

They can feed on fruit sugar that is not metabolized and turns to alcohol because that’s their main role to clean up excess fermentation in the body. They love alcohol and processed sugar and complex sugar such as starch. You must fix your adrenal glands so you can metabolize sugar so it doesn’t ferment, you must stop eating starchy foods, processed foods, alcohol of all kinds, fermented chemistry of all kinds, and hydrate alkalize the body and move the lymph system with fruits and herbs so you can fix the body systemically. Kidney filtration is what fixes everything, and getting rid of the sewage that accumulates in the stomach and bowels. If you can’t even metabolize raw fruit and veggie sugar then your adrenal glands are in the dumps.


Get herbs for the adrenal glands and Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, and ashwagandha to name a few, and eliminate the high sugar foods (complex carbohydrates) not raw living alkaline simple sugars such as your fruits, berries, and melons. Just because the fruit is sweet doesn’t mean it’s acid sugar that feeds the fungus. If you're not metabolizing fruit sugar then you need to get your kidneys filtering, and over time when the acids come out of the adrenal glands that cause issues with sugar metabolism then you won’t run into candida overgrowths with fruit, and fruit will be the less offender with this issue. You may deal with this issue with any natural sugar source but with time when you clean the lymph system and pull the acids out you will not run into candida issues with fruit, because the fruit will also pull the fungus out of the body and clean the lymph system so it’s only for a season until the adrenals turn on and fruits, herbs, fasting and changing your lifestyle to a more nature-driven one will encourage the adrenals to heal. Toxic relationships, jobs, and friends will suppress adrenal gland healing.

Natural lifestyle!

The answer to getting rid of the terrain in the body is to adopt a natural lifestyle regarding the chemistry you consume. Fresh raw organic fruit will encourage the body to heal itself, herbs help this cleaning and enhance the process, and dry fasting and solid food vacations. Educate yourself on regenerative detoxification, keep things simple, don’t treat just open the flood gates and clean as a focus, because this is how you take out the trash so you can cure the issue and rebuild a damaged body full of microbial activity that you invite from toxic foods, and they are left to clean up the terrain you create from acid, mucus, and pus-forming foods
Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that you're biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Jonathon RA Stearns (aka the Mangotarian)