Jonathon RA Stearns, aka the Mangotarian

Is it a bacterium, viruses, and germs? Listen it’s not the germ it’s the terrain and those of us that understand this and keep the terrain clean so the immune/lymphatic system can be strong and clean will never get sick. This is why I don’t believe in the disease model that ignores cause and effect.

When I got sick in my early thirties I manifested a cure to my problem and what fell in my lap was the teaching of detoxification and regeneration. I give credit to Arnold Ehret, Robert Morse Nd, and Dan McDonald the life regenerator. It was these guys that set my brainwashed mind straight and helped make sense of cause and effect to why humans get sick.

It’s the filth that resides inside the body in the colon and in the lymphatic system that runs throughout the whole body connected to all the cells.

"The blood feeds the cells and the lymph system cleans them." —Dr. Robert Morse, ND

We must keep our cells clean to strengthen and protect them.  If humans are natural foods and drank nature’s drink we would not be in the issue we are in as a suffering species. Not to mention all the manufactured chemical drugs people are taking are also acidifying the body and breaking it down over time. These drugs may mask the symptoms temporarily but the outcome is death and suffering and a low quality mental and physical life.

You’re not sick because of mystery “diseases” floating around that are against you. Microbes are not here to harm us but here to help us. If we keep the body clean we would not need extra microbes to help clean up the residue filth we leave behind in the body and we will have less microbial waste sticking to the cells in the body.

If you shift the terrain from an acid or toxemia state to an alkaline state built of living foods and hydration and you align yourself with the simple fundamentals of nature you will never get sick and you will never have to worry about the germ when the terrain in the body is clean.

Dr. William Osler is considered the father of modern medicine.

Humans are so sick because we have domesticated ourselves to be one with the computer and Estranged ourselves from the knowledge and laws of nature!

If we get back to nature and we come to terms that we have created this sickness and suffering from foods that are poisonous to the human organism the body can then detoxify and regenerate and when you maintain these principles of nature and respect cause and effect when it comes to the chemistry we will never get sick and only transcend the program in the mind and the environment around us.

Acids damage the body and humans are bathing in acids, not alkali. You feel pain in your body then start hydrating and when the body opens up and drains this waste out through the skin and kidneys and bowels you will then learn to respect chemistry and feel the inflammation come out and learn how important chemistry is not overloading the body with food because you need to “eat to survive”

People are sick also because they are obsessed with eating. Humans eat far too much and eat far too much-denatured foods that dehydrate the body and contribute to the state of acidosis.

It’s not eating that has ever shown longevity. The science clearly shows the ones that don’t overeat live longer and don’t get sick. Well, eat right and don’t overeat and that’s when you will know that it’s the terrain, not the germ, and the world is so badly misinformed on what causes sickness and it’s so unfortunate people think a pill made in a lab is “medicine” rather than being one with nature. Humans are highly electrical beings and thrive on high electrical foods as well. Fruits, greens and vegetables, and soaked sprouted nuts and seeds are electrical and fruits being the highest will supercharge the body and keep you from sickness and suffering. The answer is found in nature not in a medical office pushing the lies of the germ theory and instilling fear which is another massive culprit to why people get sick or never get well.

Get back to your nature my friends, get back to a diet that you're biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!