Dr. Robert Morse, ND

It is vital that you have at least one bowel movement per day; however, two or three would be much better. Optimum bowel health means having a bowel movement thirty minutes after you eat.

For most of my life, I had one bowel movement a day and was led to believe this was healthy. In fact, most doctors told me that we are all different, so what works for you is fine. (The staggering level of ignorance in the current medical system never ceases to amaze me.) When I finally transitioned to a diet of only fruits (fruits ALWAYS reveal/expose your body's weaknesses), I didn't move my bowels sometimes for 3 to 4 days—no matter how much I consumed. I suffered from extreme constipation all my life and was completely unaware of this.

Come to find out, the only reason I was going once a day was because of all the acidic irritants and stimulants in the food and drinks I was consuming. In order to get the bowels moving and the whole GI tract cleaned out and back in shape again, following a raw, alkaline, pesticide-free, high fruit, plant-based diet and taking the tissue-specific herbs are what is required.

Acidic irritants and stimulating foods only serve to imprison you by making you a slave to the constant need for stimulation. Free yourself and your body from them and experience a world of dynamic energy—the energy that explodes from healthy cells.

Many people consume large amounts of irritants and stimulants in their diets, so called because they irritate and stimulate tissue, causing excessive mucus production and hyper- or hypo-activity of these tissues, organs, glands, etc. Eventually, because of this abuse, these tissues fail, leading to chronic and degenerative disorders.

Some of the irritants that we consume consciously or unconsciously each day are BLACK PEPPER, CAFFEINE, SALT, MSG, SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES & REFINED SUGARS.

These compounds irritate the mucosa of the GI tract, causing mucus discharge, which becomes congested and impacted. They also create inflammation in the body, as most of them are acidic, or heat producing, thus initiating an immune response.

In the health field, however, Capsicum, aka cayenne pepper, is used by many for both high blood pressure and for increasing circulation. Cayenne pepper is not as irritating as BLACK PEPPER. However, RED PEPPER does stimulate the mucosa of the GI tract, which can excessive mucus production. Mucus congestion is at the heart of congestive conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and earaches.

The stimulants COFFEE, TEA, and SODA being high in tannins, alkaloids, sulfuric and phosphoric acids, and the like, not only stimulate tissues but also damage them. Do you know what happens to concrete if you pour soda pop on it? It breaks down. If you put a piece of meat in a glass of soda, what happens to the meat? The same thing... it deteriorates. Soda pop inflames and destroys the lining of your GI TRACT, not to mention the liver and kidneys.

CHOCOLATE, like COFFEE, is another stimulant that is highly acidic and has a high oxalic acid content. When your body is acidic and you consume foods high in oxalates, these oxalates bind with ionic calcium causing calcium oxalate stones, such as kidney stones.

ALCOHOL and REFINED SUGARS are other stimulants that are highly acidic and mucous forming. Beer adds to the yeast overgrowth in people, which creates the desire for more refined sugars, keeping this wheel ever-turning. In diabetes, alcohol keeps the blood sugar elevated and stimulates the adrenal glands, causing further weaknesses.

REFINED SUGARS are acid forming and cause a great deal of mucus production by the body. When mucus accumulates it becomes congestive leading to allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, colds, flu, mumps, sinusitis, and all the congestive-type conditions.

MEAT is filled with antibiotics, hormones, nuclear wastes, steroids, adrenaline, pesticides, herbicides, and several other toxic substances. These substances are all stimulants, irritants, and suppressors all mixed together and found in the tissue of the meat. These CHEMICALS and ADRENALINE can give you a temporary feeling of energy, only to make you more fatigued afterward.

MEAT, being high in nitrogen, also pushes out calcium. Calcium and phosphorus need to be kept in balance. In meat, one finds a high phosphorus to calcium ratio, whereas vegetables have a balanced ratio between these two essential minerals.
MEAT putrefies inside the body before we have a chance to eliminate it.

Putrefaction causes acidosis, which inflames and eventually destroys cells. This, in turn, invites different types of "parasitic" friends. MEAT also yields sulfuric and phosphoric acids, which are highly stimulating, inflammatory, and destructive to tissue.

IRRITANTS and STIMULANTS only serve as temporary energy which, in the long run, weakens and destroys your body.