"A raw dietary lifestyle is superior and is the summit of species-specific food consumption in every way." —David Greenman

Everyone has their own version of what the best diet should be, and there are plenty of diets out there! You know your body more than anyone else, even your doctor. Each person's diet differs due to their individual biochemistry and history.

In general,

  • avoid processed (convenient foods),
  • eat a balanced diet,
  • avoid foods that cause allergy and inflammation.

The body has many biological requirements, and not just energy. For example, we need strong bones for a sound mechanical structure. Our ancestors have been eating cooked foods for roughly 200 000 years. Cooked food can't be that bad, but some argue it's not the optimal diet.

It's true that you are what you eat—what you eat today becomes your cells tomorrow. However, you have to eat 3-5 fives a day for the rest of your life—make those meals healthy and enjoyable. I use the 80-20 rule. I eat 80% healthy of the time, and the other 20%, not so healthy. I've learned from past experiences to avoid being extreme with diets, or anything in life.

Dr. Robert Morse, ND

Cooking is a destructive process, not a constructive one. Cooking your food destroys it and changes the chemistry and severely reduces its electrical energy. No animal cooks its food before eating it. Zookeepers learned years ago never to feed cooked foods to any animal, as this will cause them to sicken and die.

The dietary consumption of cooked anything is biologically incorrect for our species for numerous reasons. Cooked foods are dead, inert, denatured, dehydrated and do not contain living enzymes. Another issue is that people will absolutely become deeper systemically and chronically lymphatically congested. This is just one piece of the somatic and biological puzzle of the domino effect of what will inadvertently occur from consuming  cooked and denatured "foods."

We are designed to eat food raw, like all living beings. Nature made no mistakes. Raw food has all its vitamins intact and is, therefore, a nutritional powerhouse.  Cooking will destroy the nutritional value, alter the food chemically and strip it of its life force.

Living food has living energy. Think about this: a raw seed will grow; a cooked seed won't. Most scientists seem to believe that our physiological composition tells us we are made to digest living foods. We are designed to pick, chew and digest ripe fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds, period. The electromagnetic energy of cooked foods is dramatically lower than that of raw foods.

When heat is applied to a compound its molecular structure changes, as electrons are altered. Heat destroys the enzymes in food, which are necessary as catalysts.  Also, dangerous and carcinogenic compounds are created when foods are cooked.  An animal will only get a human disease when it starts eating human foods.  Think about that for a minute.

Cooked foods are acidic. They raise the body’s temperature. This is not caused by the temperature of the food but the breakdown of digestive enzymes in the food once it has been heated. This demands that the body work harder which, in turn,  increases body temperature. The body must then regulate its temperature (cool itself down). This is energy-draining creating a need for more food consumption. The temperament increases. Dehydration sets in. The ingestion of water into the body to compensate can make matters worse by weakening the kidneys and the bladder.

When you eat a cooked food meal, 80% of your body's total available energy is expended in the processing of that meal. When you eat a raw food meal, the energy expended in processing is reduced to 20%.  The less energy you expend on digestion, the more energy you have available for life. Have you ever thought about your diet from an energetic perspective? If energy were classified as a "nutrient," how nutritious is your current diet? If you were simply eating in alignment with your energetic needs, what might your ideal diet look like?

Food is energy. We know that like attracts like, so why aren’t we applying this concept to the fuel we put into our bodies? If the energy we consume is of a low, dense vibration then we can't emit a higher light frequency. Of course, our frequency inevitably shapes all aspects of our physical world. This is simple physics.

When you heat something, it changes its molecular structure. By introducing heat to food, you break the magnetic bonds that were set for its chemistry to work properly. Once an alkaline-forming food has now become now acid-forming food. Its enzymes destroyed (rendered inactive) this now leaves the burden of digestion entirely up to the body itself, robbing the body of vital systemic energy (Supplementing with enzymes will decrease your body's own production of them resulting in the opposite effect you want to achieve).  Cooked foods are vibrationally dead foods, have no healing power and should be avoided.

The most important reason to eat foods in their natural state is the positive life-force energy that they give to the body, as well as the enzymes, alkaline minerals, and electrolytes. The higher the energy food has, the greater healing ability it has. A fruit's magnetic (electrical) energy is the highest of all foods, making it a superior brain and nerve food. Fruits bring energy to the body, whereas most other foods take it away. These simple sugars are one of the most important factors in encouraging cells to regenerate. They are also cleansing and hydrating down to the cellular level. Raw is the way food comes to us in nature.

We need our nutrients in the perfect ratio and the perfect balance they come to us 𝗶 in nature.  It’s going to take a few generations—not only to get these genetics back in shape—but to also get the "cooked food" syndrome out of the consciousness of the homo sapiens, because it’s just too implanted at this time.

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