The video below "Common Law for the Unvaccinated" by Chirs Edward is informative and should serve as a guideline for those who refuse to show their private medical records. The point is to avoid confrontation unless they insist. At which point, you do have to become assertive and demand that your rights be respected in accordance with the law.

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Imagine if you demanded from a customer service rep or security guard, "Please stand ten feet away from me and don't face me when you're talking. I want to make sure you don't have AIDS or other diseases first. Can you show me proof that you don't have AIDS or another disease? My health is vital to me."

It would be ridiculous, as ridiculous as someone demanding proof that you're not infected with an invisible virus that no one can prove exists. On with the law...

Mandatory vaccination has been around since the early 1800s

The first vaccine was the smallpox vaccine. It was used in England in 1796, and later on the general population of most Western countries. Mandatory vaccination, sometimes called "compulsory vaccination", isn't new. It's been around as long as vaccines have been around. Throughout the decades, mandatory vaccination has been imposed with disastrous consequences and later repealed when the general population discovered the "safe and effective" vaccines were injuring or killing their loved ones.

Only a small percentage of vaccines contain toxic ingredients. Due to various factors, we don't know the exact vaccine ingredients of each vaccine batch/lot. Getting vaccinated is gambling with your life. The criminal drug companies don't want everyone injured or killed by their vaccines—only enough to sustain their business models.

  • The business model of creating diseases with their vaccines, then selling drugs to treat those diseases.
  • The business model of creating vaccine injuries, so the victims use the hospitals and healthcare facilities owned by the drug companies.
  • The business model of injuring and killing only a minority of the population and having the majority, who received the placebo vaccines, gaslight the minority for being "conspiracy theorists."
  • The business model of making money at the expense of human lives.

After each mandatory vaccine episode, the criminal drug companies waited for a few decades to pass, until the disaster was out of the public consciousness, then committed the same racket again. Every generation since 1796 has been burdened and defrauded by the mandatory vaccine racket.

Since mandatory vaccination isn't new and its harmful consequences are well-known to those who read history, laws have been enacted against mandatory vaccination and forced medical procedures. Most democracies employ a mix of:

  • Civil Law
  • Common Law

Civil Law

Civil law is a legal system originating in mainland Europe and adopted in much of the world. The civil law system is intellectualized within the framework of Roman law, and with core principles codified into a referable system, which serves as the primary source of law. The civil law system is often contrasted with the common law system, which originated in medieval England, whose intellectual framework historically came from uncodified judge-made case law, and gives precedential authority to prior court decisions.

LSU (Louisiana State University) Law School

Common Law

Common law is law that is derived from judicial decisions instead of from statutes. American courts originally fashioned common law rules based on English common law until the American legal system was sufficiently mature to create common law rules either from direct precedent or by analogy to comparable areas of decided law.

Depending on where you reside, research the legal precedents that were set regarding mandatory vaccination.

Video: Common Law for the Unvaccinated

The transcript of the video is below. In the US, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) protects patients from revealing their medical records at the federal level. In Canada, it's the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and provincial Human Rights acts.

There are also court cases that have set precedents regarding mandatory vaccination and private medical information. You'll need to research them as they apply to you personally (disability, religion, previous condition, etc.),  your workplace, and state/province.


Hello, what's up everyone? A quick message for those who aren't vaccinated. So, we are going into a period of time where it may become increasingly more difficult for us to do things, like go to the cinema, go to the nightclub, travel, etc.

Now, there's something important that you should know. And that is your right to remain silent. In fact, under common law, you can remain silent without discussing anything to do with your medication or medical history with anyone.

So, in the future if anyone in the public, public services, police, courts, counsels, or government asks you about your vaccination status, you simply say:

"I don't discuss my medical record with anyone and I would like my medical record to remain private. Thank you so much."

This line is your perfect human right to do so and it doesn't involve any confrontation, fighting, or arguments. You simply say:

"I only discuss my medical record with my doctor and lawyer."

This is your right to do so. If they coerce you or continually pressure you to answer the question of whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you simply say:

"I'd like to remain silent on this point. Thank you so much."

If they continue, remind them:

"Coercion is a criminal offense."

If they consistently persist, they will be committing a criminal offense and you'll have them in court for trying to coerce you to discuss something that is private under the law.

Sending you all my love. I hope this helps. There'll be plenty of common law knowledge about being unvaccinated.

Sending you my love.

Chris Edward


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