“Wearing masks longer than 20 minutes without changing them out dangerously increases infection rates, increases CO2 levels and significantly decreases oxygen levels causing multiple life threatening illnesses and existing illness flair ups. Cloth masks increase infection rates.” —OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), osha.gov

In order to be confident and stand your ground, you'll need to understand the fundamentals. So let's cover them.

MANDATE VERSUS LAW. A mandate isn't a law. A mandate can be enacted by a single elected politician. Whereas a law can only be passed by a group of elected officials via a vote. A law has precedence over a mandate. In order of precedence:

  • Rights and freedoms guaranteed by a nation's constitution
  • law
  • mandate
  • policy/rule/guideline

Notice that a policy/rule/guideline is last on the list because it can be made by anyone, even you.

IGNORE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA (aka fakenews). It is estimated that the mainstream media gets roughly 70% of its revenue from the medical/drug industry. The mainstream media will give the impression that you must do certain things. Upon closer inspection, the fakenews is the mouthpiece for their advertisers, which is the medical industry in this case.

A mandate is a TEMPORARY measure, which can have the effect of law in some countries. However, in the US, the Constitution cannot be suspended even in times of emergency. Furthermore, a pandemic is triggered only when there is a 7% death rate. The Covid-19 death rate is roughly 0.3% (under 1%). 

READ THE MANDATE AND LAW AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. Ignore the propaganda on the news and read the mandate and law as they are written. The exemption may be included in the mandate or law. If there's a conflict, the law takes precedence. For example, there is a state wide mask mandate where I live. However, the governor has left each municipality to enact its own mask bylaw ( local law ). I printed out the bylaw and noticed that anyone can be exempt from wearing a mask for nearly any reason. Do you feel discomfort wearing a mask? You're exempt. Do you have a physical limitation (mask reduces oxygen intake)? You're exempt. The exemptions are included to protect the businesses, not you. If a business forces you to wear a mask and you get injured, then you can sue them. However, if you notify them that you have an exemption and they accept it, they are not liable. Again, the exemptions are to legally protect the businesses, not you. Use it to your advantage.

"Masks don't work. Either you're being paid or being played." —Dr. Lee Merritt, MD

EDUCATE PEOPLE, DON'T FIGHT THEM. The average person watches about 3.5 hours of telievision a day. The majority are brainwashed through and through by the telievision. They couldn't tell you what a virus is or what the "PCR" in PCR test stands for. Your job is to educate them, especially the security guards. Realize that the security guards are only doing their jobs. You may want to print out a copy of the mandate or law and give it to them. However, to get fast concrete results, educate the manager by providing them with a copy of the mandate or law. Perhaps include a note on the difference between a mandate and law. About 90% of the managers I've met don't know the difference between a policy, mandate, law, and constitutional right. Educate them, don't scold them. Maybe some will become enlightened and come to your side.

RESEARCH MEDICAL RIGHTS IN YOUR STATE. In addition to the US Constitution, each US state has its own constitution that covers medical rights and discrimination laws. Research what private businesses and the government can and cannot do, even during a pandemic. Although Covid-19 is declared as a pandemic by the media, the official declaration of a pandemic is a 7% death rate in the general population. Covid-19 (same symptoms as the common cold and flu) has a 0.3% death rate ( or 99.7% survival rate ), not anywhere near the official 7% death rate to be declared a pandemic. However, to suit their narrative, some health agencies have redefined the definition of pandemic, akin to them redefining "vaccinated". They change definitions as they go along to suit their narrative.

How to make a difference

If you want to change the world, start with yourself, then your community. Once you understand how mandates, laws, and exemptions work, educate those in your community (eg, the places and businesses you frequent most). You may want to print copies of the mandate or law and have discussions with the managers of the businesses that you visit often.

"Masks are all about submission." —US Senator Rand Paul, (R) Kentucky

A mask exemption is similar to a vaccine exemption. They are both based on similar grounds (mandate, law, religion, medical, discrimination, prior condition, constitution, etc.). For more information on other ways to apply for a mask or vaccine exemption:

Mandatory vaccination: How to get a personal exemption