This article discusses OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandate for private businesses with more than 99 employees.

There are several vaccine mandates in the US at this time:

1) Biden's Executive Order for federal employees of the executive branch and federal contractors.

2) OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandate for private businesses with more than 99 employees.

3) CMS ( Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

4) For military personnel. This mandate is separate from the mandates listed above.

OSHA vaccine mandate for private businesses

November 4, 2021. At the direction of the Biden Administration, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) announced a vaccine mandate for PRIVATE BUSINESSES. Employers with more than 99 employees and federal contractors have until Jan. 4, 2022 (two months) to comply. In brief: Employees are required to be vaccinated or tested weekly if they refuse the vaccine. Either way, the drug companies will be raking in billions IF people comply. Keep in mind that some states such as Florida, Texas, and Montana forbid vaccine mandates. Furthermore, individuals can apply for RELIGIOUS or MEDICAL exemptions under the OSHA mandate.

U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden's vaccine rule for companies

Saturday, November 6, 2021. Reuters. A U.S. federal appeals court issued a stay Saturday freezing the Biden administration's efforts to require workers at U.S. companies with at least 100 employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly, citing "grave statutory and constitutional" issues with the rule...The ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit comes after numerous Republican-led states filed legal challenges against the new rule, which is set to take effect on Jan 4...Saturday's court order came in response to a joint petition from several businesses, advocacy groups, and the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah. The rule is also facing separate legal challenges before other courts...The two-page order directs the Biden administration to respond to the request for a permanent injunction against the rule by 5 p.m. Monday...

Notice the verbiage being used: "rule", not law.

13 January 2022

January 13, 2022. Supreme Court blocks Biden's vaccine-or-testing mandate for 80 million workers, allows vaccine mandate for healthcare workers at federally funded facilities

Biden announced the two mandates last fall.

  • The Supreme Court blocked a Biden administration vaccine-or-testing mandate for private businesses with over 100 employees.
  • The court allowed a separate Biden administration vaccine mandate for healthcare workers at federally funded facilities to take effect.

The Supreme Court has ruled that President Biden overstepped his authority in using OSHA to mandate a vaccine rule on U.S. businesses with at least 100 employees. They left in place a vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers. This does not impact testing requirements that private employers impose & Biden called on businesses to institute their own vaccination requirements (which would not be subject to the ruling)...

The U.S. Supreme Court today allowed the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) vaccine mandate to go into effect nationwide while blocking the OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) vaccine requirements from taking effect.

  • The Court ruled 5-4 in allowing the CMS vaccine mandate to go into effect and,
  • 6-3 in blocking the OSHA mandates.
"OSHA has no authority to regulate public health." —US Supreme Court, 13 January 2022