This article discusses the vaccine mandate affecting the US military.

There are several vaccine mandates in the US at this time:

1) Biden's Executive Order for federal employees of the executive branch and federal contractors.

2) OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandate for private businesses with more than 99 employees.

3) CMS ( Medicare and Medicaid Services) vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

4) For military personnel. This mandate is separate from the mandates listed above.

US military vaccine mandate

The US military vaccine mandate is separate from Biden's executive order, the OSHA mandate, and CMS mandate.

December 15, 2021. Yahoo! News

The U.S. Navy will begin discharging service members who refuse to comply with the vaccine mandate, the navy personnel chief announced on Wednesday.

The big picture: The Navy is the latest military branch to move to discharge individuals for refusing to get vaccinated. The Air Force has discharged 27 service members for defying the mandate.

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By the numbers: The Navy had as of last week 5,731 unvaccinated sailors, including 2,705 religious exemption requests, CNN reports.

What they're saying: "U.S. Navy policy is, first, that all Navy service members receive the vaccine as directed and, second, that any who refuse the vaccine be processed for separation at the earliest possible opportunity, " said Vice Adm. John Nowell, the chief of naval personnel, in a statement.

Yes, but: Sailors can stay in the Navy if they get the vaccine, even if they cannot meet the vaccination deadlines, according to the announcement.

President Biden’s vaccine mandate for active duty military members facing pushback

December 15, 2021. KUSI News. SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In addition to California’s statewide indoor mask mandate which began Wednesday, another mandate—President Joe Biden’s active-duty military vaccine mandate — had its deadline Wednesday.

Critics have called this mandate one of President Biden’s most-concerning actions yet.

Rep. Darrell Issa, of the 50th Congressional District, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss the vaccine mandate.

The Department of Defense has reported that 50,000 personnel may be lost due to the vaccine mandate.

Governors request DOD withdraw vaccine mandate for National Guard members.

December 15, 2021. Daily Journal. (The Center Square) – Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Tuesday she has joined four other state governors in requesting the Department of Defense withdraw vaccine mandate directives to National Guard members in Title 32 duty status.

U.S. National Guard members’ deadline to be vaccinated was Dec. 2. Nearly 50,000 military members across all branches have declined to get vaccinated, Reynolds’ office’s news release said.

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts also signed the letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III.

They said in the letter that while Austin can establish readiness standards for activation into Title 10 status, directives declaring whether individuals who refuse to get the vaccine can train in Title 32 status or have to be punished or separated from the state National Guard if they refuse to get it are beyond his authority, citing the U.S. Constitution’s Militia Clauses, 10 U.S. Code § 12401, and 32 U.S.C. §502(f).

“The U. S. Supreme Court has for decades affirmed in cases, such as in Perpich v. Department of Defense, 496 U.S. 334 (1990), that the National Guard is under the command and control of the Governor of each state unless those members are called to active service under Title 10,” the governors wrote...

If any of the above mandates affect you, please research exemptions further. There is no freedom without the freedom to choose what goes in your body.

Hold the high ground. Hold the line.

Military begins discharging troops who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

December 17, 2021. CBS News. All of the U.S. military services have now begun disciplinary actions and discharges for troops who have refused to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine, officials said, with as many as 20,000 unvaccinated forces at risk of being removed from service.

On Thursday, the Marine Corps said it has discharged 103 Marines so far for refusing the vaccine, and the Army said it has reprimanded more than 2,700 soldiers and will begin discharge proceedings in January. The Air Force said earlier this week that 27 airmen had been discharged for refusing the vaccine order. The Navy laid out its new discipline procedure this week and has already fired one sailor from his command job for refusing to be tested while he pursues an exemption.

Military leaders have warned for months that troops would face consequences if they did not follow what is considered to be a lawful order to get the COVID-19 vaccine. But only in the last week or so have they publicly begun following through on those threats.

It's not clear how many could end up being discharged. But according to the services, at least 30,000 service members are not yet vaccinated, although several thousand of those have obtained temporary or permanent medical or administrative exemptions. Of the remaining — which is likely 20,000 or more — thousands are working their way through the exemptions process or have flatly refused. That's about 1.5% of the roughly 1.3 million active duty troops.

The figures reflect a calculated risk — that the number of troops who would be forced from service for refusing the vaccine posed less of a threat to military readiness than the prospect of the virus running rampant among unvaccinated troops...

13 January 2022. Two Marines have become the first service members to be granted religious exemptions from being vaccinated for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to privacy considerations, no information about the two Marines was immediately available, said Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Andrew Wood...
2 February 2022
February 4, 2022
3 February 2022