"Never make a big decision without sleeping on it." —Marth Stewart


Have you ever heard that saying, "Don't cut your nose off to spite your face?"

That is great advice‼️☯️ Whenever something in our environment triggers our emotional wombing, we have a tendency to react rather than respond.

When we are REACTIVE instead of RESPONSIVE we create unnecessary turmoil in our lives‼️🔯✡️

Give yourself permission to wait 24 hours before giving a response to that situation that triggered your emotions. This is where the saying, "SLEEP ON IT" comes from‼️🔯☯️🙏

Because once you have given yourself time for the emotions to fade. You will find the way you wish to respond will be different‼️

Before formulating a response, go within to determine what about the situation was so triggering‼️  That is your spiritual body's way of saying this area needs healing ‼️🙏✡️☯️

Then be grateful for the soulmate who triggered this emotion within you. For it was your indication of what inside you still needs healing. Do this so that you can evolve to your highest potential‼️🙏🔯☯️

♥️Our CREW

PS. Spirit says if you came into ALIGNMENT with this message, you maybe TRIGGERED today⁉️ SPIRIT says, "Sleep on it before responding‼️"

Carla Dorn is feeling grateful. ♥️🙏