"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." —Alfred Tennyson

The above statement by Mr. Tennyson depends on one's perspective. We learn from everyone: what to do or not what to do.

Love Bombing: When someone tells you they love you after a short period of dating or not dating at all. Drawing in the person to manipulate them to make them think they care for right before you break their heart, "He told me he loved me. We've only been talking for a week, but we click so well! Maybe I say it back so he feels loved!"

Toxic relationship: A toxic relationship is one in which two people don’t communicate or relate to one another in healthy ways, and where conflict easily arises. In these relationships, at least one person tries to minimize the other’s perspective and increase their competitive nature. There tends to be a lack of support and general unpleasantness. The negative emotions outweigh the positive ones and the relationship itself becomes a huge drain of energy.

A Woman’s Soul

Not that I personally care about the Kanye drama but

This is a really important thing for everyone to see. Kanye is exemplifying exactly what people who go through a divorce or toxic breakup experience.

At first, they’re great, something about them is appealing. Then slowly you start to notice little things that are kinda weird but oh well, they’re just a little eccentric.

Then you start seeing some red flags but you brush them aside because now you have a child together and they always make up for it anyways. Then you start seeing constant red flags. They are controlling, manipulative, gaslights you, hypocritical, possessive, and sometimes seem unhinged. You try to stay because it’s what people tell you is best for the children but there’s no way crying every night wishing they’d be different is better.

You finally get the courage to leave and suddenly they only care about the family “that you want to tear apart.” If you find another partner who is genuine and kind and makes you laugh, that’s the enemy now. That must be why you left. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with their choices to emotionally and mentally abuse you.

So now, they love-bomb and do dramatic public gestures to prove they love you so you look bad when you deny them access to you again. But the truth is- even if you went back, they’d revert to their old ways. Those people need help, therapy, mental health professionals to guide them to better ways. That is NOT your job.

Your kids are better off seeing you happy and seeing a flourishing relationship between you and a partner, even if it’s not with their other parent. Don’t teach your kids it’s ok to stay in abusive situations to please other people.

Kim is just trying to be a mother and have a healthy relationship. Kanye is going crazy trying to harass her.

This is actually very sad when you realize many women have to go through this and eventually may end up with needing a restraining order or even dead because their ex went insane over them leaving.

This is the point here. Stop posting Kanye doing narcissistic controlling shit and saying “if it’s not this I don’t want it.” You DON’T want it, I promise.

Louder 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

It's true of women, also. People will pass on what's in their hearts.

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