"Very soon there will be hundreds of health officials saying, ‘It was your choice, no one made you take it.’ "—Dr. Robert Malone, MD, inventor of mRNA technology

Kira K.

On February 4, 2022, all 13 Canadian premiers ( 10 provincial premiers and 3 territorial premiers ) congregated online and announced that all covid-19 mandates would end soon. How soon? We don't know because of the political Orwellian doublespeak.

“Early next week, the COVID cabinet committee will approve a plan for the careful lifting of public health measures beginning with the Restriction Exemption Program, as long as we see a trend of declining pressure on our hospitals." —Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier. The same Kenney who promised Albertans there wouldn't be vaccine mandates.

Were their decisions affected by the trucking Freedom Convoy 2022 spreading across Canada and the world? And why the strings attached with the lifting of restrictions? Hospital covid numbers are easily manipulated and therefore can be used to impose or lift mandates.

The premiers won't be allowing municipalities or businesses to enforce mandates either! I think if mayors or businesses try to reinstate the mandates, they could open themselves up to civil or provincial lawsuits. But what good are the premiers' words if there are caveats to their conditions? After all, they are politicians.

The premiers also asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for an extra 13% annually. Why? My theory is they know the health care system is about to crash, as is the economy if they don't open immediately. They won't even have money to pay nurses and doctors if they don't get the extra 13%, and they'll be very busy with the ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) effect and an unfathomable explosion of cancer.

Vaccine ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) means that once you've been vaccinated, you are required to continue getting vaccinated for your immune system to work properly, such as fighting off the common cold and flu. Basically, ADE means you're on the vaccine treadmill and are a very profitable customer to the drug companies and hospitals.

This is a 180 degree flip from a few weeks ago when the Quebec Premier said he would heavily fine the unvaccinated. The tones of these premiers have suddenly changed with the truckers' Freedom Convoy 2022 spreading nationwide.

I have a few theories on why they're admitting it is an endemic rather than a pandemic:

  1. They are trying to cause division and fighting amongst each other? Twitter below proves the Fearitol addicts are already panicking.
  2. Do they know the economy is about to crash?
  3. They have alarming data out of Israeli on ADE and people's 4 and 5 doses destroyed immune systems, and the common cold is taking them out?
  4. They've been taken over by benevolent White Hats? 😉
    And how upset will those who caved into the coercion be?

I highly encourage watching the whole thing. You can tell the questions are very scripted. Premier Kenney sidesteps what data he has, which the municipalities don't.

What is your take on the whole thing?

COMMENT: Pay very close attention to what the politicians say and particularly what they don't say! Scott Moe in Saskatchewan did NOT address:

  • mandatory vaccination for employment,
  • digital IDs,
  • capacity limits for businesses.

Don't be bought cheap! Hold the line!

Council of the Federation Winter Meeting Media Availability February 4, 2022, youtube.com

Vaccinated people are walking disease factories. They've been injected with toxins and diseases to "fight diseases". They actually believe the drug companies' theory of injecting diseases to fight diseases. If you're vaccinated, the unvaccinated appreciate it if you keep to yourself. The vaccinated spreading diseases is a phenomenon called SHEDDING. The diseases that they've been injected with are passed to others, either through the air or bodily contact. This information is provided on the package insert, but few read it. They'd rather parrot "safe and effective" on the evening news. "Safe and effective" is a marketing slogan created by the vaccine industry. Vaccines are anything but safe and effective; they are useless and dangerous.