"The pandemic is being misrepresented as if viruses float through the air. Viruses don't float through the air. They don't live on surfaces, especially coronaviruses, much more than an hour. We're being told to wipe down your groceries, this is ridiculous. It's far more plausible that's it's (the virus) been injected. This virus didn't spread to 110 countries from a seafood market in China—it's plausible, it's probable that's it's been in the flu vaccine since 2013-2015. We have no idea, but the flu vaccine is driving the infections. I object to the mask because if you are carrying these injected viruses and you are wearing a mask, and you activate the virus with things like stress...These dormant viruses will wake up in yourself and you will re-infect yourself with a mask. Especially those with asthma, COPD, those living in pollution. There are a lot of co-factors to disease development...Wearing a mask will kill more people than this virus. It is the vaccinated spreading the virus because they are immunocompromised." —Dr Judy Mikovits, virologist, molecular biologist

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