“We have office workers who will come by and mace you if you are not wearing a mask, and no one will come to your rescue. In fact, they’ll probably applaud it. The driving force of the coronavirus pandemic and the hysteria around it is fear. This fear has now grown and become so entrenched that it has reached a state of what I would call delusional psychosis. A delusion is a fixed false belief that is contrary to reality." —Dr. Mark McDonald, MD

Dear Patient,

Effective immediately, all forms of child abuse will no longer be tolerated in my office. This includes masking children.

Just as I would never tolerate a parent beating their child or burning him with a cigarette lighter in my presence, I will not condone or allow minors to enter my office with their faces covered. My first ethical responsibility as a physician is to do no harm to my patients, and allowing children to mask their faces has caused and continues to cause tremendous harm to them

  • physically,
  • emotionally,
  • psychologically, and,
  • developmentally.

Any argument to the contrary is naive and irrational.

Over the past year, referrals to speech and language therapists have increased by between 25 and 300%, depending on locale. Younger children have suffered a 24% cognitive decline, along with a 22 IQ-point loss among infants, due to a combination of prolonged isolation, and anti-social distancing, and universal masking of faces. This catastrophe is manmade and due entirely to the failings of adults.

Unfortunately, in my adult patient population, many have developed a fear addiction. I STRONGLY encourage them to remove facemasks whenever possible, including when visiting my office, as a necessary first step in overcoming this fear addiction. I am available and happy to provide support to any patient ready to move forward toward health and freedom from fear.

Let’s agree to make 2022 the year for an individual and national recovery.

Mark McDonald, M.D., Clinical Psychiatry & Medical-Legal Expert
15500 W Olympic Blvd Suite 426
Los Angeles, CA 900 64

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Dr. Mark McDonald provides therapy and medication treatment to patients of all ages in a private, convenient office located in West Los Angeles. He is board certified in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, as well as a candidate in adult psychoanalysis.
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