“For those of you who have taken the third dose of the covid vaccine, go and take a test for AIDS. The result may surprise you. Then sue your government.” —Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Laureate for Medicine 2008 (passed away February 8, 2022. He was 89 years old)

The image below puts the Covid-19 "pandemic" into perspective with historical pandemics. The world population as of early 2022 is 7.9 billion people. Covid is hardly making a dent in the world population.

Remember, covid-19 has the same symptoms as the common cold and flu. Over 95% of covid deaths are due to comorbidity. People are dying "with" covid and not "from/of" covid. For example, when someone dies of cancer and they have a symptom of covid, they can be recorded as dying of covid. Hospitals are financially incentivized to mark deaths as covid.

The image is large, so enlarge it /zoom in for a better view.