"Measures do not prevent deaths, transmission is not by contact, masks provide no benefit, and vaccines are inherently dangerous." —Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD, most cited research scientist in Canada

Do you have a deadly virus inside you? No. Then you are of no harm to anyone, including yourself.

Do you have a deadly virus inside you? Yes. Then the mask will trap the virus and should injure or kill you. So, why wear a mask? If the trapped virus doesn't kill you, then you're immune. Why get vaccinated?

"There's no reason to be walking around with a mask…While masks may block some droplets, they do not provide the level of protection people think they do. Wearing a mask may also have unintended consequences: People who wear masks tend to touch their face more often to adjust them, which can spread germs from their hands." —Dr. Anthony Fauci; 60 Minutes interview, March 8, 2020

When asked, the mask manufacturers and distributors explicitly state that their masks are NOT designed or tested for viruses. Furthermore, masks reduce oxygen intake by up to 60%. There is not a single study that demonstrates masks prevent the transmission of a microorganism, via a droplet or aerosol. However, there are dozens of studies that demonstrate masks are useless and harmful.

The reason humans breathe is to inhale oxygen and exhale microbacterial waste. Breathing is partly a detoxification process and is essential for survival. Breathing, flushing waste and inhaling oxygen, is the most important singular activity for survival. So important that it has three redundancies:  it can be performed with one nostril, two nostrils, or the mouth—even the heart only has two chambers.

Wearing a mask reduces oxygen intake and forces you to re-inhale your body's toxins, bacteria, pollutants, allergens, etc. Wearing a mask for an extended period increases respiratory infection by 13 times. Covid-19 is supposedly a respiratory illness and shares the same symptoms as other respiratory illnesses. Basically, a mask reduces oxygen intake and increases waste in the body—double jeopardy.

“Wearing masks longer than 20 minutes without changing them out dangerously increases infection rates, increases CO2 levels and significantly decreases oxygen levels causing multiple life threatening illnesses and existing illness flair ups. Cloth masks increase infection rates.” —OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), osha.gov
"Masks are actually dangerous." —Kristen Meghan, US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
"There’s no evidence supporting universal mask use and there’s even less scientific support for lockdowns. They have wrought unimaginable hardship, suffering and death." —Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. (osteopathic physician)
"Masks don’t control viruses. They control you." —America’s Frontline Doctors
"Masks cause oxygen deprivation and permanent neurological damage, especially in the developing brains of children." —Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson, world renowned neurologist, United Kingdom

The argument is that the virus can transmit via saliva droplets. If that's the case, then those wearing masks are protected, therefore those who don't wear one are not a threat to anyone. A mask is a symbol to validate that there's a "pandemic", when there isn't one. The official definition of a "pandemic" is that 7% of the population is deceased. However, with covid-19, the average survival rate is around 99.7%, not anywhere near the rate to be considered a "pandemic". In addition, the vast majority of covid-19 deaths are from those who died "with" covid, rather than "of" covid. Again, a game of semantics.

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"To honor the Golden Rule and the Hippocratic Oath, while obeying the Nuremberg Code, I continue committed to my responsibility as a physician, to research thoroughly and share my insights honestly. In the current situation, this requires that I surrender my income, and yet commit my time, energy, and resources to this important work.I have resigned all my hospital positions thus forfeiting my entire income. I have sold my house and greatly downscaled my family’s standard of living, while surviving on limited savings, and committed myself to do my part to help counter the criminal covid enterprise. I pray that I may help contribute to an outcome that is true and just, and the return of our free society, and civil liberties. I believe that we are almost all victims in this, regardless of where we are on the path for the recovery of truth...The forced wearing of masks by most of the world’s population is not unanimously supported by real science. These masks cause significant harm to our psychologic, social, dermatologic, dental, systemic and otolaryngotic health. Though I generally have great health, the masks have given me rashes and nasal symptoms whenever I have had to wear them for prolonged periods, which resolve whenever I do not wear them for a few days. What I find most disturbing is the elimination of facial expressions, and hence normal visual social interaction." —Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, Professor at College of Surgeons of America
“Wearing masks longer than 20 minutes without changing them out dangerously increases infection rates, increases CO2 levels and significantly decreases oxygen levels causing multiple life threatening illnesses and existing illness flair ups. Cloth masks increase infection rates.” —OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), osha.gov
"Masks don't work. Either you're being paid or being played." —Dr. Lee Merritt, MD
"Masks are all about submission." —US Senator Rand Paul, (R) Kentucky
"Masks do literally nothing to protect you from disease transmission. That mask is not protecting anyone around you at all! It’s illegal to force employees in the workplace to wear masks without testing to see if they can medically tolerate it first!" —Tammy Clark, US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
"Masks are actually dangerous." —Kristen Meghan, US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
There's a reason mask manufacturers state that their masks are NOT designed or tested to protect against viruses.

The 6 feet social distancing guideline was arbitrary

You've seen the signs in public venues: Keep 6 feet social distancing. Why 6 feet and not 4, 5, or 7? It happens that the 6 was an arbitrary number. Arbitrary: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, under the Trump administration, said that the 6 feet social distancing guideline was arbitrary and a compromise between 10 feet and 3 feet.
“Nobody knows where it came from. Most people assume that the six feet of distance, the recommendation for keeping six feet apart, comes out of some old studies related to flu, where droplets don't travel more than six feet." —Scott Gottlieb, former FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) Commissioner, CBS Face the Nation, Sep. 19, 2021

The CDC originally recommended 10 feet and someone in the Trump administration said that 10 feet was "inoperable", then the CDC recommended 6 feet, then 3 feet. Eventually, 6 feet was a compromise. Should we trust the FDA and CDC? Over 70% of the FDA's drug approval budget is financed by the pharmaceutical industry. As for the CDC, it made over $4.5 billion from vaccines in 2020. The CDC's website includes vaccine price lists and discounts for bulk purchases.

Quotes from doctors and scientists

"The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day." —Dr Herbert Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA

“The FDA receives 45% of its annual budget from the pharmaceutical industry. The World Health Organization (WHO) gets roughly 50% of its budget from private sources, including Big Pharma and its allied foundations. And the CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns 56 vaccine patents and buys and (very profitably) distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program, which represents over 40% of its total budget.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

"The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker." —Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD

"Interventions such as total lockdowns, social distancing, and compulsory mask use are causing more harm than good...AHS must come clean with Albertans and provide robust information on the unintended consequences of lockdown measures which were initially well-intentioned but have now proven to be harmful to Albertans’ mental, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and economic well-being; as well as lethal from suicide, and drug overdose." —Dr. Dennis L. Modry, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCS, FACCP, FACS

Masks are for slaves. As of November 7, 2021, there is no picture of Bill "Pandemic Prophet" Gates wearing a mask.
The Spanish Flu in 1918 was caused by mass vaccination and blamed on an invisible virus. We're seeing the same pattern with covid-19.