"The Covid deaths per month have risen by 479% since we’ve reached the milestone that was earlier claimed as herd immunity by our government and healthcare system."

As a reminder, anyone who receives a vaccine, whether it's the first, second, third, fourth dose, etc., within the first 14 days they are counted as unvaccinated. The majority of vaccine injuries are within the first 14 days of being vaccinated. Furthermore, they are only considered "fully vaccinated" if they've received all the recommended vaccines. In Canada, it's currently two vaccines and three is being recommended. In Israel, it's three doses to be considered "fully vaccinated" and a fourth is being recommended. If the past is any indication, whatever was recommended was eventually mandated.

Are the vaccinated or unvaccinated clogging hospitals?

Matthew Meunier, Alberta, Canada. December 20, 2021.

The vaccinated have been clogging hospitals since we’ve reached the 70% vaccination rate. The facts are proven by dissection of the government's posted data, a dissertation of trend before and after Alberta reached 70% vaccination (mid-September) rate.

  • Since mid-September, 50.5% of Covid deaths have been fully vaccinated and a portion of the 49.5% of unvaxxed deaths still had 2 shots.
  • Since reaching 70% vaccination, serious illness from Covid in Alberta has risen by 200%.
  • Since reaching 70% vaccination, deaths due to Covid in Alberta has risen by 400%.

To hide these facts the Alberta government is grouping data from all the way back to January 2021 when almost no one was vaccinated, so nearly all deaths are counted as unvaccinated.

December 20, 2021. Data from the Alberta government's website. Different categories of "vaccination" statuses allow for number fudging, inference, and fraud. It allows the drug companies and government to fudge the statistics to fit their narrative.

The numbers below should tell the truth. The months are for the year 2021.

  • Hospitalizations Jan. 1 - Sep. 13 on a per month average
    7415 per 8.5 months = 872 per month
  • Hospitalizations Sep. 13 - Nov. 29 on a per month average
    11 535 - 7414 = 4 120
    4 120 per 1.5 months = 2 452 per month

The hospitalizations went up 281% since the majority of the population was vaccinated. That trend should be reversed if the vaccines prevent serious illness.

Here’s some more simple math on the Alberta government's reported numbers. These dates on my website screenshots actually separate the timeline before and after the vaccination rate of over 70%.

Let’s look at the deaths per month in those two groups.

  • Deaths per month when vaccination was below 70%:
    928 deaths divided by 8.5 months = 109 deaths per month
  • Deaths per month since vaccination rate peaked over 70%:
    1711 - 928 = 783 deaths in that time period
    783 deaths divided by 1.5 months = 522 deaths per month

The Covid deaths per month have risen by 479% since we’ve reached the milestone that was earlier claimed as herd immunity by our government and healthcare system.

Do the statistics above give you confidence in the covid vaccine?


Alec McKay: Vaccination feeds variants—plain and simple. Vaccines turn people into germ factories. Too much credible evidence to say otherwise.

Nélio Mendes:  Absolute BS that it's the pandemic of the unvaccinated. My ex-girlfriend's mom, double vaccinated, spent two weeks in hospital with Covid.

Catherine Tan Siew Choo: Bloomberg, why can't you just leave the unvaccinated alone? Every time new variants evolved, it is always the fault of the unvaccinated. Ask yourself, where was Omicron found in? Please be more responsible when pointing fingers at the unvaccinated. In a population with such a high vaccination rate, what are the vaccinated afraid of?

Roger Bright: The unvaccinated are healthy. Stop telling lies, Bloomberg.

Antonio Garcia Isaac: But wait! I Didn’t know there were that many unvaccinated that had survived the virus this far into the pandemic. Isn’t it about time they would all be exterminated by this mortal virus? Or could it be they are reproducing so fast that they manage to keep their species alive and the hospitals in crisis? 😆   😆

David de la Pierre: Here in Belgium we have 80% vaccinated Covid patients in the hospitals.

Melanie McNair: I'm fed up with all these articles by the mainstream media blaming the unvaccinated. Why is a double-vaccinated friend of mine lying in the hospital then?

Even accounting for the questionable practice of vaccination classification, according to the Alberta Government's own data, 80.21% of the active covid cases are vaccinated. 
Deena Hinshaw is the Chief Medical Officer for the province of Alberta, Canada. She has been caught lying on several occassions about covid data. She also disregarded emergency laws passed by the legistlative body to prolong the fake pandemic.

MLA Todd Loewen update on end of State of Emergency in Alberta. YouTube, December 16, 2021

The state of emergency was passed on September 15, 2021. By law, it is effective for only three months. It should had ended on December 15th. However, Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer, snuck in a clause that stated all her measures are retroactive.

46% of those currently hospitalized with COVID in Ontario were admitted for other reasons: new data. January 11, 2022

To understand how the "pandemic" has been perpetrated for over two years, please learn the difference between:

  • Comorbidity. Dying WITH covid (dying with a symptom of covid), which is the case in nearly all "covid deaths".
  • Dying BECAUSE / OF covid (the virus caused the death), which is rare.

In addition, understand what constitutes a "covid case", as the entire pandemic is based on case counts. A covid case can be any common ailment, since covid shares the same symptoms as the cold and flu. In addition, positive PCR and rapid tests also count as covid cases. A positive test does not mean the person is sick. Moreover, these covid tests are notoriously unreliable, with up to 97% false positives at one point. The rapid test can show positive results for tap water, high pH liquids, and other things completely unrelated to saliva or mucus.

Even manipulating data by redefining "unvaccinated", the vaccinated are still driving the covid (cold) cases. It's like playing a game, making their own rules, cheating, and still losing. That's how bad this scam is getting.

The province of Ontario indicated that there are currently 3,220 people in hospital with COVID-19:

  • around 54% of them were admitted because of the virus,
  • 46% were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for CV19,
  • of the 477 current ICU admissions, 17% were unrelated to CV19, but had tested "positive."

Interesting revelation for the public considering our news cycles every waking moment us surrounding the doom and gloom of the "case numbers".

In the last week we have seen reports indicating the following:

  • 80+% of the cases in fully vaccinated individuals,
  • 50+% of hospitalizations in fully vaccinated individuals,
  • roughly 50% of hospitalizations not related to covid, but being reported as if they were,
  • roughly 20% of ICU admissions are not related to covid, but are being reported as if they were.

Meanwhile, governments, both federally and provincially are speaking of doubling down on vaccine passports by making them nationally universal, extending them to more services, and taxing those who are not vaccinated, as in Quebec.

With the latter being of particular interest to me, I would like to focus on this point for a moment. if we are going to tax people based on their established risk of posing a burden on health care, we must then open the discussions surrounding those who carry lifestyle related comorbidities, which pose the largest burden on our health care system and will continually be of significantly increased risk, especially when in conjunction with nearly any virus.

So, here is my big question. Is someone who is unvaccinated, but exercises daily, eats well, coordinates purposeful sleep, minimizes drinking, doesn't smoke, is within a healthy BMI range, and gets fresh air and sunshine daily, and never has hospital visits, more of a burden to our Healthcare than someone who is fully vaccinated, but is sedentary, obese, with a poor diet, drinks too much, and/or smokes? Does the latter remain protected from a discriminatory tax simply based on compliance to this one health related measure, but gets a pass on all the other inherent risk they assume?

I'll give you a hint: the burden of one far outweighs the burden of the other.
So, if the vaccines don't stop transmission, the passports hold no merit. If the goal is the reduction of burden on health care, and we want to review the personal risk factors compounding to said burden based on vaccine status, then we must review it based on all personal health risk behavior, or it is simply targeted discrimination once again.

VERIFIED. Alberta Chief Medical Officer admitted that covid-19 cases and ICU cases were manipulated using semantics (redefining conditions, shuffling patients around, etc.).