“If you want to find the culprit, follow the money. If you want to find the truth, follow the silenced.” —Dr. Kendra Becker, ND, RN

Who is being silenced? Who is being censored on the mainstream media? What groups are being deleted on Facebook and other social media platforms? The unvaccinated and the antivaxxers.

If you choose to get vaccinated, good for you. But please leave the unvaccinated out of your choice. The unvaccinated have nothing to do with whether your vaccine works or not. It is a mental illness to blame those who don't use the product. The truth is the media, which receives billions of dollars in advertising from the vaccine makers, is blaming those who don't use vaccines for the failure of those vaccines. The media is an extension of the drug industry, since the drug industry is the biggest advertiser on mainstream media. Politicians receive millions of campaign contributions from the drug industry. Those who choose not to get vaccinated are harming the profits of the drug industry, media, and politicians. Therefore, the unvaccinated must be scapegoated and vilified. Don't get personal, it's just business.

Scapegoat: A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency (convenience).

Blaming the failures of the covid-19 vaccines on the unvaccinated achieves two main goals for the vaccine makers:

  1. Deflect blame from the drug companies, media, and politicians that are guilty of injuring and killing the vaccinated.
  2. Shame the unvaccinated into using their poisonous vaccines.


🛑 The unvaxxed are causing the bars to stay closed even though unvaccinated can't go there.
🛑 The unvaxxed are causing restaurants to limit capacity even though unvaccinated can't go there.
🛑 The unvaxxed are causing gyms to limit capacity even though unvaccinated can't go there.
🛑 The unvaxxed are causing universities to stay closed even though unvaccinated can't go there.
🛑 The unvaxxed are causing team sports to be cancelled even though they can't participate.
🛑 The unvaxxed are causing the public events to be cancelled even though unvaccinated can't go there.
🛑 The unvaxxed are being blamed for everything even though they are noticeably absent.

This is how powerful the LIE has become! Please don't drag the unvaccinated into your "pro-vaccine" mental illness.

The top 10 drug companies have a stock market valuation of $2.4 TRILLION. They didn't get that big by giving away billions of vaccines for free. The picture above is mocking those who are vaccinated: SHEEP (A group of people who lack the capacity for careful consideration, imagination, or individual thought, who thusly go with the group and allow awful trends and events to unfold and make us all miserable). Sheep to the slaughter.

COMMENT: It makes no sense to me that while fully vaccinated and boosted people are getting sick with Covid and passing it around to each other, that people who don’t have the required arbitrary number of jabs are banned from participating in society.

You can exclude all the dirty unvaccinated people from your life and only come into contact with other fully vaccinated people and still get covid. Our society can push people without the required number of jabs (it’s up to three to be considered fully vaccinated in Quebec, Canada) to the fringes and strip them of their civil rights and liberties but that doesn’t stop this virus from doing what a virus does.

The rant below was written by James Chestnut

Blaming the unvaccinated for failing policies based on failing vaccines and failing masks is a failure of political, healthcare, and moral leadership—PERIOD!  It is also a sign of not just ignorance, but lack of ethics by anyone who blindly follows such leadership. We are all responsible for our own beliefs and actions! Or at least we used to be, until the government took that responsibility/ constitutional right away.

When I hear people say, “well nobody ever said the vaccines would stop infection and transmission” my stomach turns. Not just because this is a provable lie, but because it speaks of such a high level of cognitive dissonance and groupthink that I worry if the level of fear, ignorance, and stupidity is just too much to overcome regardless of how much evidence is presented.

First of all, what was the point of any vaccine mandate or vaccine passport if the vaccine did not stop infection and transmission? We were told from the beginning that the vaccine mandates and/or passports were designed to “keep people safe at work or in public”. They had to tell us that, if vaccines could not do this then what possible justification could there possibly be for mandates and/or passports?

What they meant, of course, is that vaccines would keep people safe by preventing infection and transmission.  No matter that neither the actual vaccine studies nor the applications for approval for sales and marketing of the vaccines by the vaccine corporations ever claimed the vaccines could prevent infection or transmission. Without a SHRED OF VALID EVIDENCE, the “trusted experts” told us that vaccine mandates would “provide herd immunity and keep us safe at work and in public” and that they were “following the science”.  The fact is that they were lying and they continue to lie.

Keep us safe from what?  Well, one would think, keep us safe from contracting and transmitting the virus. Nope, didn’t happen. And let’s not blame Omicron, the vaccines colossally failed to prevent infection and transmission almost immediately. Just ask Iceland and Israel and the UK or people in care homes around the world. I have documented this many times and it is irrefutable—the vaccines failed to provide individual or herd immunity long before Omicron.  Anyone who denies this is either dangerously ignorant or dishonest.

Remember, no matter what anybody says about vaccines reducing the severity of illness, that is a red herring, it is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT when it comes to vaccine mandates and/or passports.  Nobody with a shred of intelligence would even try to justify mandating a vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission or provide herd immunity;  this is why leaders are stuck repeating the same lie that “we are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated”—as over 80% of cases are in the fully vaccinated, or that “we need vaccines to keep us safe at work” - as fully vaccinated businesses and sports teams and airline flights are riddled with cases of COVID-19.

These are absurd, idiotic, Orwellian statements but without them there is no justification for vaccine mandates or passports. In fact, mandating a vaccine for workers, travelers, or citizens that does not prevent infection or transmission would not even be legal in a state of emergency—there is simply no legal or medical justification for mandating a vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission.

The mandates and/or passports were, and remain, based on the erroneous and provably false assumption that the vaccinated are protected from getting infected with and transmitting the virus. This was never proven true with valid scientific evidence and this is now unequivocally proven false.

We are now at a place where fully vaccinated people need to get tested to travel or play a sport, or go to work.  Why? Because everybody knows, from unequivocal data, that the vaccinated get infected and transmit—FREQUENTLY. You might recall that for a long time only the unvaccinated had to get tested as public health officials, in the face of overwhelming evidence, pretended that only the unvaccinated could get infected and transmit.  This is one of the ways they skewed the data regarding percentages of infections in the unvaccinated vs vaccinated so they could make the false claim that “we are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.  They lied—and many are still lying—there just is no way around this FACT. They are now doing the same with hospitalization data by the way.  A topic for a future post perhaps.

If you are stupid enough, you might argue that we test the vaccinated because they MIGHT get infected and transmit, “because no vaccine is perfect”. Just know this identifies you as devoid of knowledge, reason and/or intelligence; perhaps you should go into politics, public health, or healthcare.

What we all know to be true is that vaccination status is irrelevant with respect to infection and transmissibility status. Put another way, vaccination status is irrelevant to your status as a threat to infecting others at work or in public. We have no way of determining, based on vaccination status, if you are infected or if you are infectious—PERIOD.

Once that is admitted as true, which it has to be unless you are a complete moron, then it also must be admitted that vaccine mandates and passports are scientifically, logically, and ethically unjustifiable. Of course, they are, this was self-evident from the beginning, it just got clouded by fear, coercion, and groupthink. I hope people hold the media accountable as much as the public health officials and doctors who spewed falsehoods.

So, the ONLY way to know if someone is infected and/or infectious, is to test them—if the test is accurate—another topic for a future post. This is of course why they do test people on sports teams and on flights etc. But, if you need to get tested regardless of vaccination status, and fully vaccinated people are FREQUENTLY testing positive, what relevance is vaccine status? NONE! Remove the vaccine status variable entirely and just test people and you would get the EXACT SAME RESULT. The vaccine is IRRELEVANT because the vaccine does not prevent infection and transmission. DUH!

The unvaccinated do not represent any greater threat than the vaccinated. The infected are a threat NOT the unvaccinated and there is no way to determine infection status with vaccination status.  Stop blaming the unvaccinated for a failed vaccine and failed policies. It is a diversion, and a highly immoral one at that. If they can get you to blame the unvaccinated then they can divert your attention away from the undeniable fact that vaccine mandates and/or passports were unscientific, illogical, and unethical from the start and have been totally ineffective—just like mask mandates.

WAKE UP!  Getting vaccinated does not mean you are unselfish, protecting others, more intelligent, more moral, or less of a threat to others. It just means you may have believed this to be true. It wasn’t.

We need new leadership. We need to “follow the science” and stop being gullible enough to maintain blind faith in failed leaders with failed, unscientific, illogical, unethical policies.

To conclude, if you are “frustrated with the unvaccinated” instead of “frustrated that the vaccines and masks don’t prevent infection and transmission” then you are at best brainwashed and ignorant, and at worst, an unethical liar. What you definitely are not, is “following the science”.

Stop regurgitating drug company slogans such as "trust the science", "vaccines are safe and effective", and "scientists agree". SHOW ME THE SCIENCE.