If you understand that the Plandemic is really about global enslavement—through forced vaccinations, vaccine passports etc.—then you don't need to read my essays. You need to start raising Hell through protests, attending School Board Meetings, City Council Meetings and other forms of constructive activism. Then if you have the time, certainly read through my essays. The better you understand the peril we face, the more you will understand why we must rise up immediately. That is the primary reason I write.

It has been challenging to write lately as I find it nearly impossible to assimilate everything that has happened in the past several months. I'm not a fan of Lenin but I think he put it perfectly:

"There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen." —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Since I started writing on Substack, July 2021, my essays have chronicled the growing global movement against Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports. But the fact is I have been writing for over 30 years against a much broader globalist agenda which includes:

  • Open Borders,
  • Gun Confiscation,
  • the destruction of national sovereignty,
  • Smart Meters,
  • 5G,
  • Geoengineering,
  • Forced Vaccination,
  • Vaccine Passports,
  • Fake Climate Change,
  • Cannabis prohibition,
  • and much more.

Suffice it to say all of these initiatives are components of a Globalist agenda to enslave the entire planet. I think that is now becoming obvious to every human throughout planet Earth by now.

Anyway, as I begin writing a new essay I invite you to read through the essays I have over the past 7 months. It is like reading a free book as these Substack essays already span well over 200 pages. I try my best to give a broad historical perspective as to how we got where we are today.

It is about time I write a new essay. My last essay was very short and was published just before the "Defeat the Mandates" protests (Washington, DC, 01/23/2022). Today is Sunday, January 30, 2022: the day after the historic protests in the Capitol city of Ottawa Canada brought tens of thousands of truckers to oppose the Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports. Thankfully the world is waking up even if "the revolution will not be televised." What do I mean by that?

Well, I live outside of Detroit. I still maintain my subscription to the Detroit Free Press which has turned into a globalist disinformation platform. So a day after the historic protests in Ottawa you would think there would be some coverage of the event. But of course, there wasn't a single mention of the protest which has been the case for the last 2 years. I'm not the least bit surprised. The censorship of the Global Anti-Globalist Movement has been going on since, at least, the Global Stop 5G protests which took place on January 25, 2000: just before the Plandemic reared its head in March 2020.

So I invite you to read through my last essay. From there you can find all the essays I have written in the last 7 months. Hopefully, I will have a new essay in the coming days. And if interested you can subscribe to my essays so you will be alerted, via email, as each new essay comes out. Again what is more important is for all of us to get involved. We must stop this globalist agenda from moving forward. The primary goal, at this moment, is to thwart the implementation of Vaccine Passports.

All of us are all we need.

Bruce W. Cain
January 30, 2022

Bruce Cain on Substack
I have been an activist for well over 50 years. I am currently focused on stopping the Globalist Agenda, Forced Vaccines and Vaccine Passports.