“The most misinformation that has been spread in the last two years has been from the mainstream media.” —Anita Krishna, former Global TV News Director, fired after 20 years. February 5, 2022

Anita Krishna was the newsroom director at Global TV. She was fired after 20 years for speaking out against her mainstream media employer. Below is a video of her speaking at the "The Media Is the Virus" event. She covered topics such as,

  • general mainstream media deception,
  • suppression of effective medications and early treatments,
  • medical freedom,
  • vaccine disinformation,
  • government and mainstream media covid-19 misinformation.

You cannot trust the mainstream media anymore. They will appease those who pay for advertising and airtime on their networks. In late 2018, Justin Trudeau gave $600 million to the Canadian mainstream media (CBC, CTV, Global TV). That was taxpayer money that Trudeau used and the benefactor of the $600 million, the mainstream media, has been weaponized against the Canadian citizens (taxpayers). The irony is supreme and the corruption sublime.

Anita Krishna, former MSM control room director, spoke at The Media Is the Virus Rally, Vancouver, odysee.com

February 5, 2022. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.