Notable December 31 birthdays:

Anthony Hopkins ( 1937 - ), Welsh actor, director, producer: "Life is tough, but you just have to just get out of bed, get out and do it...We are dying from overthinking...I love life, because what more is there?...You reach a point in life where you just think, 'Show up, do your job, make sure the cheque's on the way,' and that's it. I'm not hungry to do anything more, really...My philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am, and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept nothing. And it makes life so much easier."

Donald Trump, Jr. ( 1977 - ), American political activist, businessman: "Hunting forces a person to endure, to master themselves, even to truly get to know the wild environment. Actually, along the way, hunting and fishing make you fall in love with the natural world. This is why hunters so often give back by contributing to conservation...My wife and I like to cook, so we actually prepare our own meals often and can hold our own in the kitchen...The hard-working Americans, the people who made this country so great, they've been left in the dust." reports news from the 99%. You do the research.

You need to prove why I need to wear a mask. You need to prove why I need to get tested. You need to prove why I must vaccinate. You want me to do those things, so you need to prove why I need to do them.
After 20 months (March 2020 - December 2021) and billions made by the testing companies, the CDC admits the PCR test was flawed and should not have been used. The CDC (Centers for Deception and Corruption) also said there were no studies that showed masks work.
The flu was re-classified as covid. Now the flu is back, expect covid to decline soon.
The war on drugs is over 100 years old. The war on covid has been ongoing for two years. 
VERIFIED. Trudeau did say that "new variants are being developed". Freudian slip.
Gonna sell vaccines for your donors (drug companies), right Mr. WHO?