Notable December 9 birthdays:

Kirk Douglas ( 1916 - 2020 ), American actor, filmmaker: "No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse...When you become a star, you don't change—everyone else does...In order to achieve anything, you must be brave enough to fail...I don't need a critic to tell me I'm an actor."

John Malkovich ( 1953 - ): "Six billion people got along rather well today. You'll have the headline about the 30 people who shot each other...If you're too smart it can limit you because you spend so much time thinking that you don't do anything...I'm not a Method actor. I don't believe acting should be psychodrama. I look within myself and see what I can find to play the role with. If I'm playing a blind man, I don't go around blindfolded for days. A lot of good actors would, but I don't go in for that very much. I like to just make it up as I go along." reports news from the 99%. You do the research.

Keep the boosters coming. They're good for business. Drug companies make money, they pay for advertisements to the mainstream media, and political contributions to the politicians. Everyone's happy, except the vaccine patients who end up with blood clots and heart attacks.
Every customer is covid positive on a fully vaccinated cruise ship, now this. Proof that vaccines work.
The Covid vaccines use mRNA technology, which is patented. If you've taken it, they own you!
Nurses and doctors tired of the medical system run by the corrupt drug companies are opening their own clinics.
As long as they have sports, reality shows, and bread, they're happy. The Romans called it "bread and circuses" to occupy the peasants.
Everything is being blamed for the side effects of the covid vaccines. 
Drug companies are the most corrupt in the world. They have been fined over $35 billion, mostly for fraud.
The government guideline states that grocery businesses have the "option" to refuse to serve the unvaccinated. New Brunswick is a test market. The government/criminals could be providing incentives for businesses to discriminate against the unvaccinated.
Drug companies donate to both political parties. Their only party is Money.
Skyrocketing rates of blood clots and heart attacks since the introduction of the covid vaccines are just coincidences. It's snow shovelling, climate change, covid stress, exercise, cold weather, but not the poisons in vaccines.
More vaccines, more cases. More proof that vaccines work.