We arrived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 29, 2022.

16 days without a proper bath.
16 days sleeping in a 4'x6' box in an idling truck.
16 days of no income for their house payment.
16 days of no physical contact with their families.
16 days with only a handful of hot meals.
16 days, 180 gallons of diesel burned, C$1100.00.
16 days with a high temperature of three degrees.
16 days of diesel fumes and incessant horn blasts.
16 days of using the bathroom in your truck.
16 days of family turmoil over the financial burden.
16 days of fellowship with patriots from all over.
16 days of overwhelming support from the world.
16 days of holding the line for your freedom.


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February 14 is Valentine's Day. Covid is the rebranding of the cold and flu.
If vaccines are "safe and effective", why would you need to monitor their "safety"? That's because vaccines aren't safe or effective.
Turn a blind eye to get fame and fortune.