Ramkumar P.:

I am not a fan of LABELS for people, movements and ideologies, although I can see that they might have meant something at some point in the past. Most labels don't mean much these days, especially when they are thrown around by those in the opposing camps.

I am also not a fan of "-isms". That is, I am not a fan of ideological packages that require people to agree and identify with a whole set of ideological positions and act as a group on all issues, with little freedom to step out of line.

I have long felt that it must be possible to agree or disagree with people on important issues on a case-by-case basis, and still work for bringing about a more just, more equitable and more sustainable world where all can live in freedom and dignity. Recent developments have only convinced me of such a position even more.

What matters most are our own values.

Lesson: Evaluate each issue on its own merits.

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Trudeau is now paying people with tax payer money to commit terrorist acts. This is our leader. He’s turned into North Korea’s leader.