ALL of the deceptions from the Dark Ones are now rapidly backfiring. They don’t realize that the people they're restricting access to society are those who are:

The Creatives. Who are willing to find ways to live outside of the box, those who get inspired by challenge to find their own solutions.

The Rebels. Who have been misfits many times in the past so they're immune to being excluded.

The Wild Ones. With deep connection & reverence to the land, who knows nature has everything they need.

The Old Souls. Who've seen this all before & have been persecuted over lifetimes for doing things differently.

The Healers. Who are resourced with tools & modalities outside of the mainstream to restore balance & vitality.

The Warriors. Who know what’s sacred & aren’t afraid to stand strong in their convictions.

The Inner Peace Seekers. Who were already adopting a slower way of living & detaching from commodities.

The Optimists. With an inner knowing of what really matters who can adapt their perspective to see the blessings that difficulties can bring.

The Stubborn Ones. Who won't bend to coercion no matter how tight you squeeze, who finds ways to adapt to obstacles before going against their truth.

The Intuitives. Who trust their inner voice before any external noise.

The Lions & Lionesses. Who fiercely protect their young & will stop at nothing to hold the line as you awaken the fire within.

The Sovereign Ones. Who won’t be threatened into backing down because they have already made their choice.

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