Instant Karma ( We All Shine On ), John Lennon, 1970

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead
What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin' to do
It's up to you, yeah you

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin' at fools like me

February 6, 2022. After she bragged, "Jesus loves me the most." McDonald fainted. The audience laughed, thinking it was part of the skit. The fakenews said she was dehydrated and had nothing to do with the poisonous concoctions she was injected with.
February 5, 2022. Another comedian who bragged about being vaccinated was hospitalized. Like Celine Dion, Handler could be out for a while. We'll see. They don't call it a shot for nothing. She should had read the vaccine insert instead of listening to CNN (Criminal News Network).
Don't take medical advice from politicians owned by the drug companies.
It's a common cold. Relax. You got vaccinated for no reason, Silly. Don't take medical advice from politicians owned by the drug companies.
"I encourage everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It is safe, effective, and free for all." —AOC, 3 May 2021. Masked, triple vaccinated, and the invisible bogeyman still got her.

Bog Saget bragged about being vaccinated and boosted on social media.
Whoop! There it is! You inject diseases into your body, you get diseases. It's that simple, Whoopi.
Trudeau calls the unvaccinated racist and misogynistic. 
Vacuums are code for vaccines. Dude brags about getting vaccine on air then gets heart attack on air.
Fully-vaccinated US Senator Elizabeth Warren said her brother died of covid, encourages people to get vaccinated, then gets covid. 
Medical doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US. They have the highest suicide rate of all professions, and also the highest addiction rate. Don't take health advice from medical doctors.
Betty White ( January 17, 1922 - December 31, 2021 ). She died 3 days after her booster shot. 
December 17, 2021. Carlos Tejada: 49-Year-Old NY Times Editor Dies From Heart Attack Less Than 24 Hours After Receiving Moderna Booster Shot. This is Carlos’s wife, Nora. "It’s with deepest sorrow that I have to share with you that Carlos passed away last night of a heart attack." 
December 7: Mandate stupid stuff. December 28: Win stupid prize.
December 20, 2021. Jim Cramer said he's triple vaccinated and got covid-19. Twenty days earlier, December 1, Jim Cramer really wants you to get a vaccine, if you haven't already, and says the U.S. military should be used to help get everyone vaccinated. The Wall Street veteran says it's "psychotic" that we allow people to "lawfully walk around unvaccinated," and he says he supports a universal vaccine requirement. "Have the military run it," he said on his Mad Money show on CNBC. The 66-year-old television personality says that the U.S. should "wage war" on the coronavirus. He said on his show Monday night that he thinks the only way to end this pandemic is to go to war with it and mandate vaccines and boosters for everyone, in a manner similar to the nationwide administration of the polio vaccine. The current approach of using the CDC, FDA, individual companies, and now OSHA to weave together vaccination policies just isn't going to get the job done, he said...
Anne Rice was an American author of gothic fiction, erotic literature, and Christian literature. She was best known for her series of novels The Vampire Chronicles. Books from The Vampire Chronicles were the subject of two film adaptations—Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. Born in New Orleans, Rice spent much of her early life in the city before moving to Texas, and later to San Francisco. Died December 10, 2021. RIP
Play stupid game. Win stupid prize.
What happens when someone uses politics to make health decisions.

Lately, Hiatt had excelled in publishing editorials advocating forced vaccines. "Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt suffered "sudden cardiac arrest on November 24" and did not regain consciousness. Hiatt was a recipient of the jab after his employer imposed a vaccine mandate in July to "help safeguard the health and safety" of the newspaper's staff. The dramatic upswing in heart failure has been linked to vaccination..." —
Vaccination is modern day child sacrifice to the pharmaceutical gods.
April 14: Play stupid games. December 17: Win stupid prizes. 49-year-old Carlos Tejada, a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, died of a heart attack last week mere hours after getting a Covid booster shot. Mr. Tejada received a Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine in July, per his Instagram account. Tejada received a Moderna booster shot on December 16 and died of a heart attack less than one day later...COMMENT: David Isham, "This guy dies 1 day after his jab but it will be reported as an "unvaccinated death" because any death less than 14 days after the jab is considered "Unvaccinated". But I am sure this is just a coincidence."
Michael Dowling, CEO of Northwell Health: "We are gonna be doing everything possible to make it very difficult not to be vaccinated."
This gentleman didn't deserve it, but he serves as a cautionary tale.
Stillbirths, menstrual cycle changes, sterility, miscarriages, and infant deaths are known side effects of vaccines.
Myocarditis is inflammation/enlargement of the heart. Excessive exercise triggers or exacerbates the condition. This could be the reason so many athletes are suddenly dropping dead while playing their sport.
Free hot dog, drink and future heart attack.
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